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From signed contract to amazing gains in just 60 days

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After an implementation that lasted barely two months, they achieved their goal: a single source of rich product information, which fed their website and enabled them to publish a new 600-page catalog that reached their customers two months later. All with a very small staff.

The repercussions and benefits of their decision kept coming. In 2011, due in large part to the success of a strategy that began
with the purchase of Agility, MarketLab was tapped by the private equity firm Water Street Healthcare Partners to become one of 13 select companies within their group. And MarketLab’s momentum has been building ever since. Harnessing Agility’s power to assimilate large sets of new products into their line, they’ve been able to purchase companies and have briskly added brands and channels, including a second website. Agility’s web services API let MarketLab realize a seamless process for bringing products from ERP through Agility and onto the web, fast enough to beat the competition, while providing the best possible experience for their customers.

Agility provides numerous sales measurement tools for MarketLab, allowing them to determine their products’ success in context with the way they look on the web and in print catalogs. With Agility’s web services API, sales and customer feedback data from Microsoft accounting and CRM systems arrive dynamically to marry with product information, which enables MarketLab to keep on top of customer and market trends.

MarketLab is set for its growth stage. Adding companies means connecting networks and systems, never a fun experience. One of the areas they won’t have to worry about: product marketing. Agility has that problem solved.

Not only does Agility® help us to produce more publications with our existing team, but it will make it possible to efficiently share product information internally and externally via the web to grow our cross-channel business.

Phil Lloyd Chief Technology Officer

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