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Energy Company Trims More Than 60% from Its Reporting Process with Atlas

Australia-based Infigen Energy saved a significant amount of both time and money by designing customized finance reports using Atlas.

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Addressed the following reporting challenges after implementing Atlas address for their organization:

  • Accessing applicable data
  • Rekeying data from Dynamics into spreadsheets
  • Manual, multi-step reporting processes
  • A lack of access to real-time information
  • A heavy reliance on IT to create or edit reports
  • Creating reports in a timely manner
  • A lack of data accuracy and/or validity
  • Combining/consolidating GL and non-GL data from core systems and other database sources
  • Limitations of Management Reporter or other Excel add-ins

Evaluated the following reporting tools before selecting Atlas:

  • A BI solution (Targit, JetReports, Zap, BI365)
  • An Excel Add-in


Has used Atlas as a replacement for Management Reporter, and uses the following supplemental reporting tools with Atlas:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools Power BI tools

Uses the Atlas query functionality for reporting beyond Financials/GL for the following types of reports beyond Financials/GL:

  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Payables/Receivables


  • Freed up 75% or more of organizational IT support now that Atlas is being used to create reports.
  • Trimmed more than 60% from previous reporting process after using Atlas.

“Real-time project reporting in Atlas helped our business in making timely decisions. It would have taken a significant amount of time and money to have these reports externally designed or created using internal IT.”

Pratik Patel Business Systems Analyst

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