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Top ERP Blogs to Follow in 2024

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Top Erp Blogs

As the world of technology continues to evolve, ERP plays a more important role than ever before. The capabilities of integrated business systems are increasing constantly, with new innovations emerging virtually every week. For 2024, we are once again offering our recommendations as to the best ERP blogs that can help you keep abreast of new developments.

Here are some of the best ERP blogs to follow in 2024 as determined by their level of quality, activity, variety, and popularity.

  • Title: Title: CIO ERP
  • Description: CIO.com delivers the latest tech news, analysis, how-to blogs, and video for IT professionals. Their ERP blog covers the entire range of vendors, as well as trends, integrated IT systems, and more.
  • No. of Articles: Over 5,000
  • Vendor Specific: No
  • Global Engagement Rank: 10,000


  • Title: ERP in News
  • Description: Sifting through a staggering number of sources and separating out the relevant information to equip you with information to better your current assignments and keep an eye on the future of an industry can be very time-consuming and, often, not very efficient. This is where ERP In News (EIN) comes in. Having faced this problem itself, EIN is a group of senior ERP professionals who have decided to tackle this problem head-on by providing a hand-curated set of ERP-related information to keep the relevant professionals and decision makers updated.
  • No. of ArticlesOver 8,400
  • Vendor Specific: No
  • Global Engagement Rank: 401,500


  • Title: The Acumatica Cloud ERP Blog
  • Description:Designed specifically for mid-sized businesses, The Acumatica Cloud ERP Blog provides the latest Cloud ERP insights, advice, and best practices all in one place to empower your business.
  • No. of Articles: Over 8,100
  • Vendor Specific: Yes
  • Global Engagement Rank: 25,200


  • Title: ERP Software Blog
  • Description: Microsoft Dynamics vendors provide comparisons and opinions to professionals in the ERP/Accounting software selection process.
  • No. of Articles: Over 8,000
  • Vendor Specific: Yes
  • Global Engagement Rank: 197,600


  • Title: SYSPRO Blog
  • Description: SYSPRO Blog gives you weekly industry insights supplied by ERP experts.
  • No. of Articles: Over 6,000
  • Vendor Specific: Yes
  • Global Engagement Rank: 163,800


  • Title: Panorama’s 360 ERP Blog
  • Description: Panorama’s 360 ERP Blog regularly provides quick tips for your digital transformation or ERP implementation.
  • No. of Articles: Over 1,500
  • Vendor Specific: No
  • Global Engagement Rank: 180,600


  • Title: ERP Solutions Review
  • Description: ERP Solutions Review is a resource-heavy site that cuts through the clutter of content and strips out the marketing hyperbole, which seems to resonate with the over five million IT professionals that are visiting Solutions Review this year.
  • No. of Articles: Over 400
  • Vendor Specific: No
  • Global Engagement Rank: 34,000


  • Title: ERP News
  • Description: ERP News is a leading global news portal, accompanied by a monthly magazine of the same name, published in digital format. ERP News provides the latest news from all around the world about ERP software solutions serving ERP professionals and IT decision makers.
  • No. of Articles: Over 300
  • Vendor Specific: No
  • Global Engagement Rank: 455,100


  • Title: Ultra Consultants ERP Blog
  • Description: The Ultra Consultants ERP Blog is the place for manufacturers and distributors to stay up-to-date with the latest in ERP articles, news, and insights. The ERP Blog shares deep expertise into industries and enterprise technologies. Read the Ultra Consultants ERP Blog to keep pace with the best business practices and for continuous education.
  • No. of Articles: Over 600
  • Vendor Specific: No
  • Global Engagement Rank: 651,000


  • Title: Enterprise Irregulars
  • DescriptionThe Enterprise Irregulars are a diverse group of practitioners, consultants, investors, journalists, analysts, and full-time bloggers who share a common passion—enterprise technology and its application to business in the 21st century.
  • No. of Articles: Over 1,160
  • Vendor Specific: No
  • Global Engagement Rank: 639,700


The recurring themes this year are the power of ERP as a cohesive platform for business management, a continued shift toward cloud and hybrid computing, and stronger integration than ever before. As the experts are quick to admit, though, ERP software alone does not provide data-driven business results. The other half of the equation is a purpose-built reporting tool that can inform business decisions in real time. This is particularly true when it comes to complex and data-rich subjects like finance.

How do you find the ideal reporting tool to complement your existing ERP? Choose the best, most flexible tools available. Insist on ease-of-use, low TCO, and real-time capabilities. Just as importantly, avoid the mistakes others have made. To learn more, download our free white paper Five Things Not To Do When Choosing a Financial Reporting Tool.

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