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Top 10 Excel Blogs of 2023

insightsoftware -
January 1, 2020

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Top 10 Excel Blogs

Since its launch in 1985, Microsoft Excel has not only become the leading name in spreadsheet software but arguably also a second home (and language) to accountants and CFOs alike.

At insightsoftware, we have a lot of love for Excel (like a lot), and we’re pretty sure you do too. That’s why we are proud to present this handy annual list of the Top 10 Excel Blogs of 2023.

We’ve considered all your suggestions from 2022 and updated our list to include the best Excel blogs of this year. We have provided, in alphabetical order, our top picks from all the many Excel blogs out there with summary of what we think makes their content so great.

Congratulations to those that made the cut and took the initiative to provide quality Excel content to readers across the web!

Our Top 10 Excel Blog Recommendations

Blog Why it’s Awesome
Chandoo.org Chandoo’s been up and running for a decade, so it’s no wonder his content continues to be the gold standard in Excel blogs. He offers a range of help from beginner all the way up to advanced.
Excel Campus Excel Campus foolproofs its content by designating the required skill level and granting a summary right at the top of the post.
Excel Charts Excel Charts, as its name suggests, focuses mainly on data visualization within Excel and offers attractive, user-friendly dashboarding to easily digest your data.
Excel off the Grid Excel off the Grid creates Excel and VBA tips to simplify and speed up your Excel work.
How to Excel How to Excel takes it to the next level with free downloadable content, such as “50 Tips To Master Excel” and more.
Ken Puls ExcelGuru ExcelGuru is primarily a resource for Excel developers and offers free technical posts as well as paid courses and live training.
Mr. Excel Mr. Excel features an array of learning options, such as a blog, message board, and even consultant work.
The Small Man The Small Man primarily hones in on dashboard and VBA, but also offers formulas and freeware.
The Spreadsheet Guru Spreadsheet Guru’s great content hasn’t ceased since last year, so we’re happy to announce Chris as a Top Excel Blog this year as well. Spreadsheet Guru not only offers tutorials but free templates to make learning even easier.
Trump Excel In addition to offering free online Excel training videos and an e-book, the Trump Excel blog uses visual examples to walk you through the steps and sports a handy “You May Also Like” collection at the end of each post.

List last updated on June 27, 2023

Do you know of a great Excel blog that we missed? We’re already building our list for next year, so please feel free to nominate someone (or yourself!) by contacting us.

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