insightsoftware Announces New Partnership with MRI Software

insightsoftware Announces New Partnership with MRI Software

Partnership gives MRI Software users exclusive access to new Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition, an automated and streamlined reporting solution that saves users up to 50 reporting hours.

Raleigh, NC USA (24 October, 2018) – insightsoftware, the global leader in ERP reporting and enterprise performance management solutions, announced its new partnership with MRI Software last week at the MRI International Users Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This partnership includes an enhanced reporting solution for all MRI Platform X enterprise resource planning (ERP) software customers: Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition.

With Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition, users can automate financial and operational reports, producing consistent, quality Excel-based reports that are streamlined for efficiency. Whether regular or ad hoc reports, Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition empowers users to quickly build report templates without the need for IT, spending less time manually manipulating data and more time analyzing the results. Surveyed MRI users estimate they have already trimmed 30 to 60 percent off their previous reporting process timelines—at least 50 hours in one year—after implementing Spreadsheet Server.

“At insightsoftware, we are thrilled to be partnering with MRI Software via Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition,” said Mike Lipps, CEO of insightsoftware. “This strategic partnership is going to profoundly benefit MRI users by radically changing how they handle financial and operational reporting, making it easier to get what they need and putting more time back on their calendars.”

MRI Software CEO Patrick Ghilani agreed with Lipps, saying, “We chose to partner with insightsoftware because they are the leading provider of reporting solutions for corporate performance management. Our clients have loved Spreadsheet Server for so long because it delivers on its promises and works elegantly with MRI Platform X. Forming this partnership is a win-win-win for MRI, insightsoftware, and most importantly, our users.”

For more information on Spreadsheet Server – MRI Edition or to request a free demonstration, please visit

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insightsoftware is on a mission to help companies turn their financial and operational data into better business outcomes that drive growth and ROI. Through their innovative, turn-key reporting and performance management solutions, insightsoftware provides users with real-time access to data-driven insights in an efficient, cost-effective, and secure manner. Featuring integration support for over 130 tier 1 and tier 2 ERP systems, as well as full integration into Microsoft Excel, the company has the experience and flexibility to help business leaders unlock the power of their business data so they can understand, manage, and optimize their business with ease. More information about insightsoftware can be found at

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MRI Software is the leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions. MRI’s comprehensive and flexible technology platform coupled with an open and connected ecosystem meets the unique needs of real estate businesses—from property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets. A pioneer of the real estate software industry, MRI develops lasting client relationships based on nearly five decades of expertise and insight. Through leading solutions and a rich partner ecosystem, MRI liberates real estate companies to elevate their business and gain a competitive edge. For more information, please visit

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