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Global Views for Angles for Oracle Views Delivers the Most Complete and Widely Used Operational Reporting Solution for Oracle ERPs 

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December 22, 2022

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The need to create consolidated reporting and analytics that handle all your Oracle ERP instances is a challenge your enterprise faces in many circumstances, but none as important as during cloud migration. Whether from your Oracle ERP Cloud or EBS (on-premises or implemented in a public or private cloud like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Azure), you must have the ability to efficiently transform that data into a format that works for your BI tools — for true, enterprise-wide reporting.

If you are not familiar with Views via Angles for Oracle, it is time to get acquainted with a feature that will change how you interact with your data.

Does This Challenge Sound Familiar?

Your company may have a lot in common with Cummins, Inc., a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute, and service engines and related technologies. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana (USA), Cummins employs thousands worldwide and serves customers in nearly 200 countries and territories through a network of more than 600 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 6,000 dealer locations. Long story short, Cummins has an expansive reach into many different industries and geographies. This results in the production of vast amounts of data entering through multiple ERP instances.

Cummins was running multiple versions of Oracle® E-Business Suite (EBS) and was in the process of upgrading many sites to the most recent Oracle release. With so many versions of EBS within Cummins, joining the various tables was difficult and prohibited end-users from accessing information required for reporting purposes. This was an issue that Cummins could resolve with Global Views.

Enhance Your Operational Reporting Needs with Angles for Oracle (APAC)

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Get the True Results You Need from Views

What Is a View?

A Path to Eliminating Complexity: Angles for Oracle ERP transforms data to be sent to a BI tool through a reporting construct we call a View. Views are used for developing reports against your Oracle database. Views hide database complexity by joining together related tables to present a comprehensive picture of any given subject area. A report with multiple columns from a single View may draw data from many different tables. Working with a View is far easier and less error-prone than working directly with Oracle tables.

Each View comes with an essay that fully describes the data it returns, as well as hints on how to build reports. This, and descriptions for each column in the View, helps users determine which View will best meet their needs. The View essays, column descriptions, and hints are easy to access through Angles Hub, a web-based, self-service interface for Angles, provides a highly collaborative environment for business users, BI developers, and IT. By enabling true self-service reporting, Angles Hub hides the complexities of Oracle ERPs, allowing users to autonomously source the answers they seek. Hub also includes information about pre-defined connections between Views, the underlying Oracle tables of each View, and more.

Why Do You Need a View?

Enable Users With Self-Service Reporting: Views can be used with any business intelligence tool to eliminate the need for technical assistance to create custom analysis. Angles from insightsoftware automatically configures the most popular BI tools from Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Tableau to work with the pre-built reports and Views. Increase your team’s inherent value and allow them to delve deeper into the data than they ever thought possible.

Angles Hub helps solve data discrepancies: Angles organizes the reports and Views into an intuitive presentation model that’s easy to navigate, requiring minimal user training. When a report cannot be completed due to a missing column or connection to another View, use Hub to fill the gap. Users can add and modify columns, tables, where clauses, and joins.

Additionally, users can add custom-built Views to Angles. By customizing and extending Views with Hub, organizations will get their unique reporting needs met while still enjoying the advantages of the fully integrated Angles solution.

Be Protected from Oracle Updates: Reports written against the Views are protected from database changes introduced by updates to Oracle E-Business Suite. When installed at your site, each View is automatically constructed to the technical specifications of your version of Oracle, while preserving the columns you used with the previous version. As a result, most existing reports continue to run without modification after an upgrade of Oracle E-Business Suite.

Operational Reporting Confidence With Angles and Wands for Oracle

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Oracle EBS Coverage: The Views You Can Use

Angles for Oracle Views includes Views for:

  • Financials (General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Assets, and Cash Management)
  • US Federal Financials (Federal Administrator, plus extensions to Financials and Purchasing)
  • Order Management, Purchasing, Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Discrete Manufacturing (MRP, Bill of Materials, Work in Process, Costing, Inventory, and Quality)
  • Process Manufacturing (Product Development, Process Planning, Process Execution, OPM Financials, and OPM Inventory)
  • Project Manufacturing
  • Projects (Project Billing, Project Costing, and Project Management)
  • Service (TeleService, Install Base, Field Service, Depot Repair, and Service Contracts)
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • HRMS Human Resources (including Basic Benefits), Payroll, Advanced Benefits, and Time and Labor
  • Grants (Grants Accounting and Grants Proposal)
  • Administration (Application Object Library and Financials Interface Tables)


The Road to Global Views

Enterprise Reporting With Global Views

Global Views represent the smallest-ever footprint of Views while maintaining our unparalleled coverage of Oracle E-Business Suite. A single set of Global Views for each Views module delivers data from all business groups, ledgers, operating units, and inventory organizations in your Oracle E-Business Suite instance. This provides the ideal foundation for standardized, enterprise-wide reporting. A single report based on a Global View can be shared with anyone in the enterprise and row-level security will assure that users only see data in the report that they can also access in Oracle E-Business Suite.

Row-level Security

Oracle E-Business Suite customers invest significant time and effort in setting up and maintaining access privileges to people, organizations, and financial data for end users. Row-level security in Global Views puts this investment to use in reporting. Using Angles for Oracle, users register their Oracle E-Business Suite username and responsibility. Angles then applies associated data privileges to the Global Views, ensuring that users only access the data they are supposed to see.

Cummins Can Admire the View With Angles

For Cummins, reporting was challenging since there were so many stakeholders trying to get the information out of Oracle, especially EBS. During its Oracle upgrade, Cummins leveraged Angles for Oracle as the foundation for its reporting needs. This streamlined access to Oracle application data during the implementation phase and provided continuous report protection against data structure changes inherent in upgrades. Views for Angles for Oracle provided Cummins a very stable and compact platform on which to run its reports.

With the Views provided by Angles for Oracle, Cummins’ end-users don’t need to worry about how to join the various tables in the applications to get to their data – they just look at the business terminology within the Views and pull out the data that they want.

“Once the application upgrade was done, we simply regenerated the Views and upgraded them to the latest version. This is what gave us the upgrade protection piece that Angles for Oracle is so famous for,” said Srini Chavali, Director, Enterprise Database and Tools, Cummins, Inc.

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