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Whether You're Are A Manufacturer, Distributor Or Retailer, Keeping Your Product Data Up To Date Should Be Your Secret Weapon Not Your Biggest Source Of Pain

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How do you keep product information consistent while standing out from your competitors?

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Manage More Sales Channels

Optimizing multiple sales channels with consistency can prove daunting without the right technology.

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Enjoy Error Free Product Information

How can you eliminate errors and inconsistencies in your product data? Access your eCommerce, Across channels, with suppliers.

Agility PIM helps all enterprises stakeholders meet the challenge of the age of distributed commerce

Learn How Agility PIM Can Help Solve Some of Your Most Pressing Challenges

Maximize Sales & Margins on Every Product

Merchants and Product Managers

With Agility, merchants and product managers can manage product relationships and assortments in a way that can convert single sales into multiple up-sells and long-term loyalty, linking and viewing associated items, such as cross-sells, up-sells, substitutes, and competitors’ products. They can also search across the company’s entire product range to find histories of where and when each one has been promoted.

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Unparalleled Functionality for Efficient Integration of Factual Data Across Every Channel

Content Managers and Copywriters

Agility PIM instills unparalleled functionality and efficiency in the process of integrating basic factual data, with direct benefits to sales and margins in every channel and touchpoint. Channel-specific previews show how each product will appear on the main website, a branded website, a marketplace, flyer, tablet, etc. Content managers can run data governance routines on newly imported/added data to quickly highlight possible issues, generate quality reports, and resolve data problems automatically and in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

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Seamless Integration with Translation Agencies and Platforms


Agility PIM offers powerful performance and ease of use, key considerations when you’re working with translators who may be in-house or in remote locations. Major translation agencies and translation platforms can be seamlessly integrated with Agility to automate the translation process. Side-by-side presentations of both the base language and the language they’re translating to help translators see changes to relevant attributes and copy flagged for their attention. In their workspaces, translators can preview translations in channel-specific context prior to publishing, giving them a realistic, real-world environment that is sure to elicit their best work.

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eCommerce That Delivers at Full Speed

eCommerce Managers

Agility PIM lets your ecommerce department deliver, at full speed, flawlessly consistent product catalogs to all your departments and channels—your main website, micro sites, customer sites, marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and everywhere else. Ecommerce teams can rapidly expand the product range and SKU count without having to reinvent the wheel every time they add a new line or enter a new marketplace, channel, or country. Define classifications based on the unique ways that your customers look for your products online or set up multiple varieties of categories to meet the widest possible range of market requirements.

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Functional, Flexible, and Scalable Software that Supports Your Growth Strategy

IT Managers

Agility PIM Software gives IT Managers the functionality, flexibility, and scalability to support your enterprise’s growth strategy at a pace that suits your needs. Our software is designed to manage multiple master data domains, including things, places, vendors, reference data and relationships and hierarchies.

Agility provides a range of licensing and deployment options to fit your corporate environment, complex work groups and budget and is available as an enterprise, departmental and private SaaS solution. A robust set of tools for system integration make fitting Agility into your overall IT infrastructure much easier.

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