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Vendor Spend Analysis

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Go beyond your stock Vendor Spend report with a live view of actual spend by Vendor by day, month, and year. Use this to renegotiate terms with high-spend vendors or diversify to reduce risk. Excel filters, pivot tables and graphs allow you to analyze the data in an intuitive user interface.

The types of reports you can create include:

  • List of payments by vendor to audit for unusual payments
  • List of payments by vendor to compare to vendor-issued account statement
  • List of payments by payment method to prioritize vendor candidates for more efficient/less costly payment methods
  • List of payments by person who created them to ensure audit compliance with roles

insightsoftware Starter Pack – Wands for SAP

Wands for SAP is purpose-built for SAP ECC and S/4HANA using familiar terminology and design, making it easy to learn and use. Its tight integration automatically understands your setup, from security to hierarchies. The insightsoftware Starter Pack for Wands provides a set of templates that enable you to closely monitor costs and cash flows in uncertain times.

Build live, refreshable reports using existing Excel skills. Create new reports in minutes using one or more of our 17 FI/CO balance functions such as Cost Center accounting, COPA, Project Balances, and even a dynamic Universal Journal balance for S/4HANA customers. All templates let you refresh with real-time data and easily update by simply dragging additional fields onto the report.

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