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Topsheet Month vs Budget

Topsheet Month Vs Budget Example Dashboard

Get connected with your organizations performance faster than you ever have before by utilizing this Topsheet month vs. budget dashboard.

This template provides a high-level review of your organizational performance by business unit. The template combines CXO’s signature ‘performance tiles feature’ with two trend charts and the ability to link other organizational content on demand. In addition to this content, this dashboard utilizes predefined narrative template functionality to close the gap on not only providing information in an easy to consumable format, but also enabling the business to tell the story behind the numbers.

This template is designed to go hand in hand with the Management information dashboard template to give the depth and flexibility your data deserves.

The wizard will walk you through the various steps to link and define the data to deploy this report in your specific instance of CXO.

Change the POV dimension name into ‘Ref Scenario’ to use this dimension to compare the actual scenario with the selection made in the POV. Use a list for the POV with the only applicable scenarios.

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