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Governed Data Discovery

Governed data is information that is managed and secured by a governing department, typically IT, before users may access it. Centralizing and managing the use and deployment of data (and its derivatives) ensures data integrity and security; in effect, users will only be working with trusted, credible data.

Today’s BI tools must balance the need for governance with the need for speed of data delivery. Data governance tools in BI applications usually include auditing, authorization, and authentication.

Governed data discovery is a way to address business users’ requirements for easy data delivery while at the same time satisfying IT-driven requirements for managing and securing that data.

Many organizations are unable to implement the data discovery tools their end-users demand because they don’t have the enterprise features necessary for achieving both data governance and speed of delivery. Governed data discovery delivers all of these capabilities within the same platform or application. In this way, s can access and analyze information that has been secured and determined credible.