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Big Data

Big data refers to the ever-growing volume of data, increasing velocity in the generation of that data, and increased variety of types of data. In 2015, adoption of big data skyrocketed across all sizes of businesses. And it’s not just IT teams that are looking to take advantage of all of this vast structured and unstructured data. Business users want access to these data sets as well.

There are many offerings in the marketplace attempting to address big data challenges, and it is a fast evolving marketplace. In this changing environment, customers are looking to understand how these new solutions can be combined with their traditional approaches to create new applications once thought impossible, to develop competitive advantages, and to reduce costs.

More than ever, enterprises are focused on using data to solve business problems. We are at the point where there are common design patterns and reference architectures for utilizing the various big data types of emerging data repositories. Deployment of such technologies is also much easier, especially through the cloud.

At the end of the day, big data is becoming… well, just data. The concept of big data will shift into the background from the end-user perspective. It will be par for the course. Technologists will continue to use the best tools available to them to tackle real business problems.