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Automated Report Scheduling

Automated report scheduling and delivery takes information proactively to the right users at the right time.

Report scheduling helps streamline information delivery as well as can help you optimize the running of many reports on your network, for example, during off-peak hours. Developers can add automated processes like report scheduling and delivery.

Developers can also set up automatic export (for example to Excel or PDF) and delivery of a report to specific subscribed users on a regularly scheduled bases.

For example, if sales managers need a weekly sales report, developers can automatically schedule the creation and delivery of the report to sales for every Monday at 9:00 AM. They can also specify that reports be automatically created and delivered to the file system or as email attachments.

Benefits of Automated Report Scheduling and Delivery

  • Allowing information to be distributed efficiently and consistently to the relevant end-users
  • Ensuring that heavy querying does not occur during peak hours, thereby placing a lighter load on the system or network
  • Letting end-users know, in real time, about changes in the numbers, especially if reports contain useful visualization features such as gauges, KPIs, etc.


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