How To Cut Your Month-End Close Process in NetSuite by 20%

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Month’s end for the finance team generally looks like this: tediously working through complicated consolidations, waiting until all the entries are posted until validation can begin, and then exporting multiple reports to spreadsheets, which require reformatting and linking to be useful. But what if you could shave 20% days from your month’s end process?

Introducing Spreadsheet Server for NetSuite. Spreadsheet Server puts an end to tedious, manual data dumps from NetSuite into Excel. Now your users can access dynamic, refreshable NetSuite data directly in Microsoft Excel with Spreadsheet Server. Join Henry Schumann, Director of Finance at insightsoftware, as he explains how his team used Spreadsheet Server internally to report over NetSuite data and reduced their month end close by 20%.

Key takeaways include:

  • How having access to up-to-date, drillable data throughout the close cycle enables reconciliation and integrity issues to be picked-up and fixed sooner
  • Time-saving ways to report on complicated consolidations
  • How to reduce time spent reformatting reports in Excel, by empowering finance teams to create their own reports, without waiting on IT or your NetSuite admins
  • A faster way to create comparative reports to analyze multiple periods side-by-side within Excel

Download our on-demand webinar today to learn more about what Spreadsheet Server can offer you and your team at month’s end

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