Using insightsoftware’s Longview Tax Application to Elevate Tax to a Strategic Business Asset

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insightsoftware is dedicated to equipping the Office of the CFO with everything you and your colleagues need for faster, more accurate data so that you can help drive your business forward.

As an existing insightsoftware customer, we are confident that we can help in other areas too. The tax function is rapidly evolving into a more strategic role within modern organizations. However, given this pace of change, many executives are still unaware of the untapped strategic potential within their tax teams. Do you feel Tax professionals are seen as only reactive and compliance focused, and their departments are viewed as more cost centers rather than strategic, value-adding assets?

The challenge to becoming—and being perceived as—a strategic partner to your organization can be self-perpetuating. This, however, is where the opportunity lies. This year, resolve to exercise control over your tax data and free up time to focus on more value-add activities.

Join us on April 22 for this webinar where Kathryn Abate, Pre-sales Director, will look at:

  • Common challenges of Tax reporting and forecasting for large multinationals
  • Keys to creating an environment that enables strategic value
  • Key benefits of using Longview Tax for quarterly and annual Tax reporting and Tax forecasting
  • Experiences from an existing Longview Tax customer
  • The Longview Tax application in action
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