Take Your Tax Department from Cost-Center to Strategic Partner

01 2021 Tax Webinar Leveraging Tax Software To Become More Strategic Rsc

The tax function is rapidly evolving into a more strategic role within modern organizations. However, given this pace of change, many executives are still unaware of the untapped strategic potential within their tax teams. Do you feel tax professionals are seen as “compliant paper pushers,” and their departments are viewed as mere cost centers rather than value-adding assets?

The challenge to becoming—and being perceived as—a strategic partner to your organization can be self-perpetuating. This, however, is where the opportunity lies. This year, resolve to exercise control over your tax data and free up time to focus on more value-add activities. Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Top barriers preventing tax teams from playing a more strategic role
  • How the right tax software buys you time to focus on strategic initiatives
  • How to facilitate tighter collaboration between tax and finance teams
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