Find Out How Spreadsheet Server Users Are Automating Their Planning Process

02 2021 Ss Webinar How Our Spreadsheet Server Customers Automate Their Planning Process Rsc (1)

As global health stabilizes and the economic engines are warming up again, FP&A leaders are under pressure to take decisive actions that better align their budgeting and planning strategy with the current climate. However, successfully executing this kind of pivot requires agility and flexible processes that can be easily adapted to your needs.

As an organization running Spreadsheet Server, you’ve likely experienced just how helpful Spreadsheet Server’s flexible and agile reporting capabilities really are, especially in recent months. Would you benefit from that same level of flexibility and agility in your planning and forecasting tools? If so, Bizview, a robust, web-based planning solution is for you. It can shrink your cycle times and make coordinating planning efforts easier, which is particularly important now that so many of us work remotely.

In this on-demand webinar, Timothy Caudill, Director of Pre-Sales at insightsoftware, will demonstrate the benefits and ease of using Bizview alongside Spreadsheet Server.

Key takeaways:

  • Faster delivery: Shorten reporting cycles by automatically combining plan and live actuals in one Excel report
  • Granularity: Speed up variance analysis with integrated drill down to granular ERP data
  • Transparency: Gain deeper visibility into planning processes with easy access to data from any ERP module
  • Higher levels of automation: Leverage automation to respond more quickly to changing events
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