Drive Your Business Into the Fast Lane With Collaborative Budgeting and Planning

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When it comes to budgeting and planning, is your business stuck in the slow lane?

Excel often requires endless hours of manual consolidation and email coordination between contributors to get necessary figures and without effective follow-up features such as dashboards and analytics, users are left clueless about the results of their efforts.

As your organization grows, as more people become involved in planning, as data volumes increase, relying on a multitude of spreadsheets for planning just doesn’t cut it. It takes too long and is the route to the business slow lane.

What if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this way? Join us on 20 April to discover a better way of planning that shortens cycle times and produces more accurate results, so you can make informed decisions that drive your business into the fast lane.


  • How to get started quickly – by turning your existing spreadsheet models into a robust, scalable, and agile planning solution
  • How to create more accurate plans – by incorporating input from stakeholders across the organization through intuitive, finance-owned, web-based planning
  • How to create alignment across your organization – by effectively connecting plans across finance and operations at a granular level
  • How to respond quickly and decisively to sudden events – by modeling and testing multiple different scenarios to determine the best outcome

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