2021 Financial Trends: Balancing Growth and Profitability

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How efficient are your current financial reporting, budgeting, and planning processes? Do you spend enough time on analysis to effectively balance growth and profitability? A recent study conducted by Hanover Research found that nearly half of finance teams are struggling to completely execute their key responsibilities.

In this webinar, “2021 Financial Trends: Balancing Growth and Profitability,” James Wilcox, Senior Director at Hanover Research, and Josh Schauer, Finance Director at insightsoftware, will exclusively share key findings from this independent research study and discuss how finance teams can implement scalable, flexible processes to drive better results. This is your chance to see how you compare to your peers and discover:

  • How to overcome some of the key barriers that prevent finance teams from completing processes effectively
  • How you can better manage data and time to successfully balance growth and profitability
  • How finance-owned solutions enable you to save time and improve confidence in your numbers

It’s time to exercise control over your finance reporting, budgeting, and planning processes. Learn how to address the challenges and priorities highlighted in the survey, so you can free-up more time to spend on analysis, improve confidence in your numbers, and make better, data-driven decisions to drive growth.

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