ODBC & JDBC Drivers for Google BigQuery

No other solution is as advanced or BI ready for business users to report on their BigQuery data with the SQL-based tool of their choice

Current Versions ODBC 2.4.5 | JDBC 1.2.19
Google Big Query ODBC & JDBC Drivers

Enable your users to access, analyze and report on their BigQuery data with the SQL-based tool of their choice. Simba ODBC and JDBC connectors with SQL Connector for Google BigQuery provide you full access to BigQuery’s Standard SQL. Allow users full application functionality and real-time analytic capabilities. Light-up features in BI clients by connecting to your BigQuery data in a powerful, effective way.

Google BigQuery allows you to run SQL-like queries against very large datasets, with potentially billions of rows using a small number of very large, append-only tables.

Interrogating BigQuery to obtain schema information to present to the connected SQL-based applications, queries, including joins, are translated as necessary to work on BigQuery. Simba ODBC and JDBC connectors for Google BigQuery allow you to make quick analytic insights and to leverage back end data source high performance calculation capabilities for your favorite BI client. Complies with the latest ODBC 3.8 and JDBC 4.2 data standard and adds important functionality such as Unicode and 32- and 64-bit support for high-performance and cloud computing environments.


  • Powerful SQL Connector allows users to define schemas on the fly on schema-less data
  • Direct BI connectivity to data without extraction
  • Full compatibility with leading analytic/reporting apps, including Microsoft Excel & Access, Tableau, Power BI and more
  • Supports BigQuery scripting for Standard SQL
  • Provides full connectorconnectorconnector and query metadata
  • Support for ODBC 3.8
  • Support for JDBC 4.2
  • Transfers data over secure connections with BigQuery via SSL
  • Support for the BigQuery Storage API
  • Uses BigQuery jobs.query API


  • Supports 32- and 64-bit applications
  • Complies with latest ODBC 3.8 specification
  • JDBC connector compliant with the latest JDBC 4.2 specification
  • Supports Unicode
  • Optimized metadata retrieval for SQLTables and SQLColumns
  • Optimized support for Windows (Windows XP SP3 and newer, 32- and 64-bit editions)
  • Supports BigQuery’s Standard SQL
  • Supports all BigQuery data types (STRING, INTEGER, FLOAT, BOOLEAN, TIMESTAMP)


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