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Dossier Improves Offering to Clients With an Embedded Analytics Layer

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What They Do

Dossier Solutions is a Norwegian-headquartered software provider of Competence Management Systems (CMS) for health systems with offices in the UK, Denmark and USA. Dossier’s SaaS solution is used specifically by health organisations, enabling managers to establish and assign competence requirements for employees and ensure that all staff are competent at the point of work.

The Problem

Dossier needed a reporting structure for users to view and manage compliance across their organisations, at all levels. Their Excel-based, home-grown reporting capability was inflexible and painful to maintain as well as detracting from their overall solution

Why Logi Symphony

Dossier chose Logi Symphony due to the ease of embeddability of the Logi Symphony platform into their CMS, so it appears as a single, holistic solution. It saves time and expense compared to developing their own solution and offers virtually infinite scalability.

The embedded Logi Symphony reports help managers review learning compliance progress and status based on competence requirements that have been distributed throughout the organisation.

Using insightsoftware’s platform, Dossier customers can view reporting and analysis on each employee’s development – including social and practice-based learning (using the 70:20:10 model). Users can also drill down across organisational levels and units, development plans and learners. The end result is uniquely powerful management reporting module, ensuring capability where it really matters.

The Impact

insightsoftware’s embedded analytics gives Dossier competitive advantage. Users can see progress and status on compliance based on competence requirements and pinpoint exactly where extra effort is needed.

The Logi Symphony layer is now incorporated into Dossier’s offering to several existing clients and is recommended as an additional module to potential customers. It provides these clients with in-depth reporting and analysis of the competencies available within their organisations, leading to greater insight and measurement of ROI.

“The Logi layer has been a great boon for us,” says Kristian Vanberg, CMO, Dossier Solutions. “It offers real-time insight into performance, allowing for interventions to make improvements and ensure we’re compliant with our obligations. The dashboard is also a very powerful tool, offering a complete overview of confidence in our health training solutions and it’s become a very important part of our value proposition. User feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we’re now incorporating the Logi layer into our presentations for potential new clients. The response from these presentations has also been extremely positive and reporting and analytics has now become an invaluable part of our offering to clients.”


Partnering with insightsoftware to incorporate an analytics layer into its competence management systems has helped Dossier to improve its offering to potential clients, giving immediate insight into the effectiveness of its solutions.

insightsoftware’s solution is now in use by several clients and is presented as a value-added service to prospective customers. Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, leading to an increase in global uptake.

We chose Logi because of its multi-tenant support. That makes it very cost effective for us, giving us the analytics layer and flexibility we needed without having to build it from scratch. Using Logi we’ve developed a world-class analytics module that offers the kind of in-depth tracking and measurement that is hugely important to our customers in calibrating the performance of their investment.

Geir Arnhoff CEO

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