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Century Embeds New Analytics Tool to Mitigate Customers’ Supply Chain Challenges

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In brief

  • VIZIV is Century Supply Chain Solutions’ new in-house Origin Cargo Management and PO Management platform launched at TPM23 to deliver an unprecedented digital experience, where customers can visualize their supply chain directly from the Company’s global operating system.
  • The team at Century chose Logi Symphony, insightsoftware’s industry-leading embedded analytics solution to provide next-generation supply chain data and analytics directly within VIZIV.
  • Trusted, accurate, and real-time supply chain data vetted by Century’s AI-powered event cleansing engine are visualized through superior analytics, keeping their customers a step ahead of their competition.

Century Supply Chain Solutions (Century) is a tech-focused global logistics provider trusted by Fortune 100 companies, North American retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. Its in-house curated supply chain optimization and visibility platform VIZIV revolutionizes PO Management by combining the latest AI-powered supply chain optimization technology capabilities and intuitive user interface with industry leading speed and performance. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, this solution helps validate critical supply chain data to ensure Century’s customers only see reliable information, empowering their decision making.

We often take for granted how a delivery makes it to our doorsteps. Most consumers only interact with the end stage of the global supply chain. However, a complex global network of ports, warehouses, and transportation modes all need to work together seamlessly to deliver goods to millions of households, businesses, and utilities. When something goes wrong, it can wreak havoc on the delicate global supply chain.

This is where innovative technology enters the picture. Global logistics companies and their customers rely on thousands of data points to fulfill orders. They need visibility on where their POs are throughout their supply chain, specifically where specific items in specific containers are at any given time. Data and analytics are regularly used to proactively identify supply chain chokepoints to prevent logistic breakdowns.

Supply Chain Kinks Spark Change 

Shifting macroeconomic conditions, pandemic-related supply chain disruptions have dogged the global logistics industry for the past three years. Many supply chain professionals at retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers are looking for different supply chain solutions in the hope of addressing and/or preventing the supply chain challenges still fresh in their memories. This is the foundation upon which VIZIV was built, and one of the top priorities was ensuring the platform provided optimal supply chain visibility. They needed a strong analytics solution to bring their valuable supply chain data to life.

For many businesses, there is a drawn-out research and discovery process involved when determining which technology to invest in, but for the team at Century, the choice was clear. They discovered the many capabilities of Logi Symphony by insightsoftware and saw the immediate value it could bring to both Century and its customers.

The key reasons that Century chose Logi are because it offers:

  • A rich and highly customizable BI and analytics experience
  • Seamless integration with familiar internal tools to reduce education needs
  • Ability for Century to provide real-time analytics, so that they can highlight issues for their customers before they happen

Logi Significantly Boosts VIZIV’s Visuals, Reporting and User Experience

Backed by the power of Logi Symphony, Century customers have actionable insights at their fingertips to help them make the right decisions to fulfill their orders on time. They can easily generate any report they need at a scale without having to leave their application. Most important, Century customers benefit from an outstanding end user experience that empowers them to make the most of their data.

Century is excited about providing its users with a refined, adaptive and intuitive designed interface to present all the supply chain BI and analytics insights in aesthetically pleasing views. Leveraging, Logi’s highly customizable interface, Century customers can create dashboards and visualizations based on their own unique view of data points directly within VIZIV. Logi’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for Century customers to navigate data without the need for extensive training. This saves customers time too, as they now can adjust reports in real-time instead of submitting a request to Century’s reporting team. This contributes greatly to the overall positive user experience within VIZIV while empowering customers to interact with their data in a meaningful way.

Data is sourced from many different touchpoints and is embedded directly into customer dashboards as interactive visuals. This enhanced visibility makes it fast and easy to identify conditions that lead to supply chain disruptions.  Century customers are empowered to act, leading to faster delivery and fulfillment of shipments around the globe.

About Century Supply Chain Solutions

Century Supply Chain Solutions is a tech-focused global logistics service provider with offices and warehouses across the globe. Combining the latest technology capabilities including predictive AI and decades of industry experience, VIZIV is Century’s proprietary supply chain optimization platform powering our customers’ supply chains to ensure they are a step ahead of the competition.

VIZIV is Century’s proprietary supply chain optimization platform available to the customers of the company’s origin cargo management and domestic distribution services.

More details can be found at www.centurysc.com

To learn more about Logi Symphony or request a demo, please visit our website.

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