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You need to get to market faster, increase customer adoption while driving innovation.

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Wasting Time and Budget Building Drivers 

Are you spending unnecessary time and budget sourcing, maintaining, and managing ad-hoc data drivers or using APIs to deliver data access to your application? Are you aware that data sources continually evolve and require monitoring of data source changes and subsequent updates of driver capabilities which can upend your development schedule? 

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Open Connectivity to Your Data Store

Having trouble gaining market traction with your data store and application because of a lack of a standards-based method of access data from outside applications? Or do you need a custom driver for accessing advanced capabilities in your data store or proprietary logic in your application data store?

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Too Few Data Sources Limiting Your Growth

If your addressable market limited by the data sources your application can acces, or your customers are asking for more, this can put a damper on scaling your business or retaining customers.

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Get to Market Faster with Simba’s Enterprise Grade Drivers 

Whether your application or database consumes, creates or exposes data, you need a flexible, powerful solution that can handle the market requirements of your current and future data connectivity needs. Depend on our drivers to make it happen. 

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Rely on the Same Development Kit Used by Simba Engineers 

Whether you are looking for a driver to fulfill a specific connectivity requirement or want to prepare your product for new platforms and market opportunities without adding to your development time, Simba SDK has you covered with a powerful toolset for connectivity development.

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Engage with our Simba Managed Services Team

Data connectors are a vital feature of data-driven applications, while building, testing, and maintaining those drivers often lie outside a team’s core competencies. Engage with our Simba Managed Services team for a flexible, high-touch way to solve the burden and complexity of data connectivity.

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Reduce time-to-market, risks, and development cost for your custom connectivity solution

Contact Simba to find out how we can help you to provide data connectivity to your target application using a single API, no extra work required.
You’ll gain broad compatibility with minimum effort and cost.


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Magnitude Simba was a natural choice as the drivers are trusted by the data source vendors and guaranteed to be compatible with any data source. Business users can connect their Sisense BI tool seamlessly to their disparate data, enabling them to analyze billions of rows and extract insights from these data sets with unparalleled speed and smooth performance without having to write code.

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