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Do You Have The Expertise And Systems Inhouse To Manage Tough Data Access Requirements?

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Are Your Developers Burdened by Supporting New OSs, Frameworks & Data Sources?

Do you have proper testing environments in place, or are you struggling to certify compatibility with specific versions of data sources and regulatory frameworks? 

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Struggling with Driver Quality and  Compatibility with Tools like PowerBI and Tableau?

Data connectors are a vital feature of data-driven applications, while building, testing, and maintaining those drivers often lie outside your team’s core competencies. 

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Extending Driver Capabilities to Support Advanced Enterprise Services and Platforms a Problem? 

How will you connect to relational and NoSQL databases, big data sources such as Hadoop, and SaaS and cloud sources like Salesforce, Google BigQuery or Amazon Athena? How will you remain up to date? Prepare for future needs?

Increase Product Quality While Reducing Time to Market and Development Costs.

Augment Your Team with SDK-Licensed Development & Testing

Outsource driver development and testing entirely or augment your team. 

  • Driver development across standards and languages using the same SDK that Simba engineers use internally
  • Increased product focus helps teams innovate freely while Simba does the heavy lifting on drivers
  • Faster time to market leverages the SDK and Simba expertise to flatten the learning curve
Simba Managed Services

Meet Special Requirements with Driver Customization 

Make it easier and more cost-effective to meet specialized data-connectivity requirements. 

  • Specialized expertise from Simba that most teams lack in-house ensures top-quality data driver functionality
  • Unique requirements can enhance functionality and security with existing Simba drivers
  • License and branding flexibility enable transparent redistribution compared to open-source drivers
Simba Managed Services - Driver Customization

Our Engineering Services Take the Stress out of Data Access

Enlist Simba to help build or maintain connectors for any data source.

  • Simplicity and cost savings build on existing custom drivers without recoding or porting
  • Transparent maintenance for customer-developed drivers lets your developers focus on your product
  • Multiple standards include ODBC, JDBC, and OLEDB
Simba Managed Services

Reduce development costs, complexity, and risks

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Simba's highly collaborative approach helped us achieve our enterprise milestone to release new products and features with quick turnaround. Their engineers really cared about the success of our product. We wanted a good partnership and really good connectivity software and we got both.

Rstudio Logo Resized Nathan Stephens Director of Solutions Engineering at RStudio View Customer Story

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