Why CFOs Must Transform Their Financial Reporting

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10 2021 Webinar Whycfosmusttransformfinancialreporting Website Webinar

FSN’s latest research into “Agility in Financial Reporting and Close” shows compellingly that the speed and agility of financial reporting is falling behind the forecasting cycle and this is holding up corporate decision-making. Furthermore, the research finds that improvement initiatives aimed at accelerating and improving the quality of the close, are frequently misdirected and incomplete, leaving a record-to-report (R2R) process that is often riddled with delay and data errors.

As a result, finance functions find themselves up against tight deadlines and a mountain of tasks to climb every month-end. Fortunately, FSN’s research shines a light on how to improve the situation. Transformation leaders outperform their contemporaries in every way, and their experience points the way forward to a more dependable and robust process, that takes the pressure off the finance function and allows more time for value added activities.

So, the key question is, what do transformation leaders do differently and what can other finance functions learn from this?

One such transformation leader is Josh Schauer, who in his current role as VP of Finance at insightsoftware, has extensive expertise in financial reporting and has led his finance function through an ambitious acquisition programme, even during the pandemic.

In this 30-minute webinar Gary Simon, chief executive, FSN, will discuss with Josh how insightsoftware has transformed the record to report process across multiple international entities in multiple currencies, reporting out monthly, quarterly, and annually to the parent company, lending syndicate and executive team.

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