Corporate Tax Software: To Build or Not to Build

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10 2021 Whitepaper Longvew Tax To Build Or Not To Build Resource

Enterprise-level tax departments often grapple with an important dilemma when considering how to replace their current software: buying vs. building their ideal solution. Finding a reputable third-party vendor whose software closely meets their needs is a compelling option. However, many tax departments are also attracted to the idea of building a customized solution in-house that perfectly addresses their unique business needs. After all, many of them serve companies with considerable resources that can easily foot the bill for such an effort.

The best option for any given company depends on their individual circumstances. This means it’s imperative to consider the wider ramifications of three main factors in order to reach the best decision: cost, time, and risk.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The entire spectrum of costs associated with in-house software development
  • The typical timeframe required in order to successfully deploy custom software
  • The inherent risks associated with maintaining high quality control standards when technology quickly becomes outdated and tax laws continuously shift

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