The Key to Financially Intelligent Cash Flow Management

08 2021 Sps Webinar The Key To Financially Intelligent Cash Flow Management Rsc

Are you being asked what your cash flow status is, what payments can be deferred, and what invoices are past due? Oftentimes these questions are difficult to answer because of limited visibility to your financial data. Many companies struggle to test scenarios and gather strategic insights from their cash due to inflexible software, data silos, and an inability to drill down to the transactional level of their data.

It’s time to exercise control over your company’s financial health with quick and refreshable reports to improve your cash flow visibility. In this webinar, “The Key to Financially Intelligent Cash Flow Management,” you’ll learn how to:

Build comprehensive reports and dashboards. Quickly build holistic reports and sophisticated dashboards on the company’s financial health without relying on IT.

Improve visibility of your cash. Empower your finance team with the ability to view your cash position in real time, drill into the details, and respond to threats promptly.

Consolidate and connect all your data. Overcome silos by consolidating data from multiple systems and bring them all together in a way that can be used to drive positive business outcomes.

During this session, we demonstrate how you can look deeper into your cash flows, and how you can gather rich insights from your reports, such as the Cash Flow Statement.

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