The Future of Analytics in The Finance Function: Global Survey 2020

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FSN’s “Future of Analytics in the Finance Function” Survey 2020 provides a fascinating insight into the technology, people, and process challenges of providing a dependable platform for insight and decision-making.

Analytics is a core competency of the finance function, yet this research finds that 86% of all finance functions admit it delivers very little insight. Furthermore, only a third of finance functions say they spend the right amount of time on analytics.

In the report you’ll find insights about:

  • How most companies are using analytics across the four key financial processes (quote to cash (Q2C), purchase to pay (P2P), record to report (R2R), and budgeting, planning and forecasting (BPF)).
  • The importance for CFOs to recognize the value hidden in transactional systems and elevate them to information systems integrated with CPM, planning, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Why companies need a holistic information strategy to succeed and thrive.
  • How companies can deal with the decline in data mastery and the rise in technology constrained.

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