Continuous SAP Budgeting and Planning: Combining Live SAP Data with Excel

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This webinar discusses extending the longevity and capability of existing Excel/ERP-based planning solutions and how to accelerate and broaden the effectiveness of third-party planning packages.

In today’s uncertain times, FP&A and Planning are critical in communicating and then delivering the strategy. The approach may be cost-centre, departmental, financial, and FP&A-based and may be assigned based on top-down, bottom-up, or zero-based.

Planning, however, is not an end in itself. The ultimate effectiveness is reliant on the strategy and the actual execution. Seeking to deliver less than the company is capable of, or budget-holders accepting a figure that they cannot achieve, is a recipe for disaster. Yet, the plan would still be deemed a success. During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create an effective and result-oriented strategy to drive the business forward
  2. Identify and promptly act on challenges and opportunities that may impact your plan
  3. Empower budget-holders to optimize performance targets and justify reforecasts
  4. Legitimize and improve Excel as part of your planning process
  5. Execute live models against the whole SAP estate, not a subset in a planning hub
  6. Accelerate and simplify updating SAP planning through Excel

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