Resilient Narrative Financial Reporting and Remote Collaboration

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Many CFOs have embarked on a digital transformation journey to make processes more efficient and connected, and to provide a single source of truth for their data. The reality check is that the need for remote working and secure collaboration highlighted a data gap in most CFOs’ digital transformation strategies.

As a finance leader, joining the data is very challenging. How do you ensure data consistency across finance, sustainability, and investor relations for your reporting cycle? With huge investment in ERP systems for data consistency, teams still struggle with inconsistencies and errors caused by a manual reporting process based on copy and paste in Excel and Word.

Add the complexity of the need for secure collaboration among your remote working teams, and the issue becomes a whole lot more pressing. Watch this session to discover:

  • How OUTsurance, a leading SA insurance company, successfully extracts data from their underlying source accounting systems, while enabling their teams to collaborate better and produce their statutory and financial reports in less time.
  • How to drive a winning digital transformation strategy that reduces disclosure risk and puts your finance team in control of their data narrative.
  • How organizations can facilitate remote deployment and training that allows for a secure, virtual collaborative close and reporting process.
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