Jet Analytics – Raw to Ready Data in 45 minutes

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11 2021 Webinar Jetanalytics Rawtoreadydatain45minutes Website Webinar

Are your current reporting and analytics processes contributing to your business success or are they holding you back? The reality is, most companies are still relying on manual, time consuming, and error prone processes to get critical information from their Microsoft Dynamics systems.

If you’re ready for unparalleled data access through flexible reporting and fast analytics join our webinar, to learn how:

  • Your data is currently stored in your ERP
  • To download, install and execute a Business Central Jet Analytics Project
  • To turn data into valuable insights with dashboards and reports designed to help you quickly identify trends, spot anomalies, and fix problems
  • To eliminate the need to understand the underlying data structure and gain rapid time-to-value through pre-built cubes and a data warehouse
  • Report using pre-built Excel & Power BI templates
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