Dresner 2020 EPM Market Study: insightsoftware Ranked as Service Leader and Trust Leader

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Download your free copy of the 2020 Dresner Advisory Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study, in which leading enterprise performance management (EPM) software solutions were evaluated by the leading industry analyst on 33 criteria, wholly based on the response from customer surveys.

Here’s what Dresner Advisory says about insightsoftware:

“In its first year of inclusion, insightsoftware’s scores are generally above or in line with the overall sample. It is considered a Service Leader in the Customer Experience Model and a Trust Leader in the Vendor Credibility Model. It has a perfect recommend score.”

Download your free copy of the full report to discover a wealth of information and market analysis to help you select the right EPM vendor.

Packed with over 70 pages of detailed information and analysis covering:

  • Study demographics
  • Analysis and trends
  • Industry capabilities
  • Vendor rankings
  • Detailed vendor ratings

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