Guide to Scenario Modeling in Financial Analysis

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Business agility and responsiveness are top of mind for the C-suite today. Business leaders who plan proactively for a wide range of possibilities will inevitably be better prepared to respond when unexpected events occur or when things simply do not pan out as predicted.

Part of that preparation is scenario modeling, a practice in which decision-makers consider multiple possible outcomes of a course of action and then develop financial models and contingency plans to respond effectively to a range of varying circumstances.

Scenario modeling is becoming increasingly popular among financial professionals, but many feel at a loss about where and how to start with scenario modeling. Others are looking to simplify the scenario modeling process because they are called upon to perform the task more frequently than it was required in the past.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How scenario modeling leads to enhanced understanding of the financial landscape.
  • How scenario modeling enables decision-makers to identify better choices.
  • How scenario modeling improves your risk management strategies.
  • How to perform scenario modeling, step-by-step.

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