Environmental, Social, and Governance: Leveraging Reporting to Drive Change

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The world of ESG reporting is developing at high speed. Organizations that do not want to miss out on investment opportunities (as well as positive sentiment from employees, customers and partners), need to ensure that they have an effective framework in place as soon as possible.

While audiences may need to receive information about ESG indicators in different formats, the underlying data must be the same and a true reflection of achievements. The time is right to implement a digital platform that supports the delivery of accurate and consistent reports.

In this white paper, we look at how to leverage reporting to drive change in ESG reporting and get ready for the changes that lie ahead:

  • The History of ESG Reporting
  • Factors Driving the Current Momentum in ESG Reporting
  • The Pain Points Faced by Organizations
  • The Importance of Considering Audiences
  • Who Should be Involved in Gathering Data?
  • How Certent Disclosure Management Can Help

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