Disclosure/ESG Reporting: Automating Your Financial Narrative & Numbers

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05 2021 Webinar Cdm Cross Sell Resource (1)

The CFO role previously confined to finance and number crunching has transformed to become far more strategic. The Pedigree of a Modern CFO becomes just as much about understanding, investigating, and sharing the stories behind the numbers as it is about balancing books.

This approach requires finance teams to allocate more time to the analysis and storytelling for financial disclosures and ESG reporting, demanding even more efficiency in data extraction and compilation. In this webinar we will look at how to take a collaborative and controlled approach to unify numbers and text, creating powerful financial stories.

Learn more about:

  • What the term “narrative reporting” refers to
  • The challenges that businesses face with financial disclosure/ESG reporting.
  • How the Certent Disclosure Management solution can help you to automate narrative along with the numbers.

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