Create, Modify, and Share Operational Reports With Confidence in NetSuite

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Streamline Operational Reporting With Angles for NetSuite

Operational reports for finance teams take time—too much time, but not anymore. Optimize the operational reports for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms with Angles.

Straight out of the box, your users get a no-code solution that provides:

  • Pre-built content packs for common financial and operational reporting needs.
  • The ability to connect and merge their ERP data with other data sources.
  • A big picture view of near real-time data right from their desktop.
  • Customizable templates that they can create, save, and re-use.
  • Self-service reporting for quick and precise decision-making.

When you need critical operational information from your ERP, count on Angles for easy-to-understand answers straight from your data. Download the brochure to learn more!

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