FSN: Agility in Financial Reporting & Consolidation

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11 2021 Fsn Report Website Resource

The FSN’s “Agility in Financial Reporting and Consolidation” Global Survey 2021 allows you to benchmark where your organization stands on the “agility dial” and provides clear pointers for improving the performance of your financial reporting process.

The survey shows that 72% of finance functions find data errors impact the agility of the financial reporting process and nearly half of organizations spend too much time on data collection, validation, and submission to the corporate center. Yet, the survey results show that only 11 percent % of businesses have completely transformed their reporting and taken necessary steps to improve the process.

Read the full report to discover:

  • Where are companies on the Financial Reporting & Consolidation agility spectrum? Learn how companies are performing against a set of FSN performance stress tests.
  • Is there a link between finance transformation and agility? What are the performance traits of “‘transformation leaders”’ and how does this compare to companies who have yet to start their transformation journey?
  • What techniques can modern finance teams deploy to enable a step change in agility?

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