Five Steps to Building a Data-Driven Organization

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5 Steps To Building A Data Driven Organization Rsc

Being data driven and making evidence-based decisions are two concepts that attract widespread attention in the business world. Even though the benefits are commonly discussed, the path to achieving data-driven intelligence is not so widely taught. In fact, only 20% of the participants in our webinar reported that their executives regularly use data to make operational decisions.

This is exactly why Hamza Amor, Director of Analytics and Professional Services at Longview, an insightsoftware company, and Geir Boe, Managing Partner at Onpoint Intelligence, decided to pool their expertise, gained from numerous consulting engagements globally, to create and share a roadmap to help organizations embed data into their operational decision making.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Five concrete steps to follow to implement a framework that powers data- driven decision making
  • Common pitfalls that many organizations make at each step of the journey
  • How to build a proper team to drive your organization’s digital transformation, including what skills are required and how the team should focus its efforts

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