2021 State of Analytics: How Data Literacy Improves Decision-Making

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Hanover Research surveyed 493 upper management professionals in digital or analytics software to discover what importance organizations place on data literacy.

Decisions based primarily on gut instinct or opinion are far too risky for today’s organizations. For fast-paced businesses, having the right analytics tools is fundamental to building a lasting culture of decision-making that’s driven by data. Intuitive analytics tools drive data literacy and its role in how employees and teams perform.

This 2021 report looks at where end users fall on the data literacy continuum, meaning how employees interpret, understand, and communicate about their data. In addition, the report measures how well organizations can support employees with different levels of data literacy.

You’ll learn:

  • The role data literacy plays in a data-driven work culture
  • Why organizations are overestimating their end users’ abilities
  • How applications can play a role in supporting data literacy

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