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Kana Software Leverages Logi Symphony to Enhance Clients’ Customer Service Success

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About Kana – A Verint Company

KANA Software provides customer service solutions to the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies. They have established a reputation for injecting service intelligence into every customer interaction, to simplify customer interactions across all channels. KANA’s unique solution has enabled its customers to become renowned for exceptional customer service, in turn helping KANA’s clients “create customers for life.”



  • Transitioning quickly and easily from a legacy reporting tool
  • Providing agile ad hoc reporting functionality to end users from diverse industries
  • Delivering faster, easier setup and implementation
  • Providing a more user-friendly reporting format


  • KANA Software is using Logi Symphony to help customer service professionals create in-depth, on-demand customer profile reports that enhance the customer service experience.


  • Provides unmatched report scheduling flexibility
  • Expanded service offering and product quality for end users
  • Repurposed more than 100 existing report templates into dynamic on-demand reports
  • Empowered agents with self-service tools to easily design, create, and deploy custom reports

Empowering World-Class Customer Service

Customers want to feel wanted. In an age of fleeting customer loyalty, the surest path to business success is connecting with customers and engaging them at a personal level. Based in Silicon Valley before being acquired by Verint Systems, KANA Software is giving global companies the tools and systems they need to get to know their customers better and provide an exceptional experience that creates customers for life.

KANA is a leading provider of customer service solutions for email, call center, and Web. More than 600 companies and nearly half of the world’s largest 100 companies use KANA solutions to provide customer support teams with real-time guidance and advice for end-user interactions, helping to improve agent productivity by as much as 75%, increase customer satisfaction, and differentiate their brands based on the quality of service.

However, empowering customer service agents to deliver a highly personalized customer experience requires easy access to curated customer profile data. To enhance the quality and depth of the information they provide to customers, Verint’s SVP of Worldwide R&D and Support, Vikas Nehru, set out to replace the company’s existing reporting tools with a more robust, efficient, embedded platform to infuse more intelligence and dynamic data visualization.

Sophisticated Customer Service Demands Intelligent Analytics

KANA Software has built its business on the strength of its customer engagement optimization prowess. The firm’s comprehensive suite of products helps companies in virtually every industry provide their customer service agents with the information they need—account history, previous purchases, and contextual information about customers—to build rapport and trust with end users from a unified, intuitive user interface.

Supplying the information to support such complex and time-sensitive transactions is a tall task. The company’s previous reporting tool was ill-equipped to meet heavy data usage and lacked the flexibility its customers’ businesses demanded.

In the past, reporting setup and creation was a disjointed and cumbersome process. KANA customers were limited in the number and types of reports they could make accessible to their support agents because defining report parameters, data sources, and outputs were time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, agents often lacked the complete 360-degree customer view they needed to fully engage with people calling the contact center.

In addition to difficult report creation, the previous reporting tool was a Windows-based system, which created interoperability issues for several of the company’s enterprise-class customers. Trying to deploy critical and advanced reporting from within KANA’s products frequently led to development delays caused by incompatibility and workflow inefficiency.

Nehru was eager to enhance the overall experience of KANA’s customers and provide them with the most seamless and powerful customer intelligence solution available. To bridge the significant gaps in the company’s reporting operations, he and his team wanted a reporting solution that simplified data collection from multiple sources, enabled on-demand creation of new reports, and made data easier to analyze and more intuitive for customer service agents, no matter the industry or environment.

Unprecedented Variety, Flexibility, And Transparency

KANA looked at many different options for a business intelligence and reporting solution and chose Logi Symphony for its simple setup and integration with its existing technologies. With Logi Symphony, KANA customers can supply their customer service agents with a complete suite of powerful tools to generate comprehensive, on-demand profiles of their customers.

Although KANA had a library of existing reports from its previous reporting system, most were unusable in daily customer-facing activities and needed to be repurposed. Working with their support staff, KANA leveraged Logi Symphony to redesign and deploy more than 100 reports for daily use by end users.

In addition, the solution supports CSS styles, meaning CSS style sheets can be applied at runtime to apply custom layouts and designs on the fly, further accelerating the transition from old reporting styles to new ones. Logi Symphony’s Designer offers a feature-rich interface that enables report managers to select multiple data sources, query parameters, and design layouts to develop sophisticated reports with just a few clicks.

Meanwhile, Logi Symphony’s drag-and-drop design interface helps users configure and display tables, charts, maps, and other visualizations that make understanding information simpler while supporting faster, smarter decision-making. Logi Symphony offers KANA and its customers’ unprecedented variety and flexibility in data visualization options.

More importantly, the reports and dashboards can be easily embedded into virtually any backend system or front-end application, giving KANA’s customers a consistent branded user experience with exceptional functionality. Logi Symphony is Java-based and platform-agnostic, helping to bridge technology gaps and alleviate interoperability concerns. Now, end users—particularly new hires or transitioning employees—can get up to speed and build their reports with little training or guidance.

Walking The Customer Service Walk

With Logi Symphony’s self-service features, managers and customer service agents can access complete authorized customer intelligence and generate reports with the most up-to-date customer information, exactly when they need it. The ad hoc reporting capabilities make it easier for customer service agents to personalize every interaction with every customer, delivering a superior experience that strengthens both KANA’s and its customers’ brands.

Of course, much of this solution overhaul would have been difficult without some assistance. One of the biggest advantages of working with insightsoftware is the responsiveness of its knowledgeable support team. “Logi Symphony stands out among its competitors for many reasons, the biggest of which is the high level of service they deliver,” Nehru says. “The service from start to finish has been outstanding and continues to reassure us that we made a smart decision.”

Given the overwhelmingly positive experience with insightsoftware’s support team, KANA decided to expand the scope of its initial rollout. Instead of simply serving as a pilot project for one of KANA’s products, the company decided to standardize the reporting platform across its entire product suite, delivering a reliable and scalable reporting framework to its entire customer base. “Logi Symphony gives our users—internal and external—the ability to construct reports on the fly without having to be database experts or having to involve IT in the process,” Nehru says. “That simplicity and self-service goes a long way in enriching customer relationships and driving better experiences for their end users.”

Nehru says that the combination of insightsoftware’s software and service will help keep KANA at the forefront of the customer experience industry. “We’ve worked with a lot of vendors and I can truly say that Logi Symphony is head and shoulders above every other vendor,” Nehru says. “Looking ahead, the smartest move is to continue raising the expectations of ourselves and our partners. I have no doubt Logi Symphony is up to the challenge.”

We’ve worked with a lot of vendors and I can truly say that Logi Symphony is head and shoulders above every other vendor. Looking ahead, the smartest move is to continue raising the expectations of ourselves and our partners. I have no doubt Logi Symphony is up to the challenge.

Vikas Nehru SVP of Worldwide R&D and Support

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