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Healthcare Industry

Enabling healthcare providers to seamlessly connect to patient records

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Our Customer provides cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software to healthcare providers. Their objective was to help healthcare providers overcome the challenges of data access so they can seamlessly connect to patient records for business reporting, claims processing, and revenue management. They achieved this by empowering healthcare professionals with real-time access to data, custom reporting capabilities, the ability to make one-off queries, and the freedom to use familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access to query data.


In the highly regulated healthcare industry, healthcare providers must comply with heightened regulatory and privacy standards. It requires having access to consistent, accurate and reliable data, plus proper governance. For compliance and security, healthcare providers must have a strong handle on what data is where and monitor who and how it’s being used, such as logging data access to all healthcare records.

They also need an affordable and flexible approach for connecting to healthcare systems in a cloud environment. As such, the EHR software vendor sought to replace its existing web services ODBC driver with a faster, more cost-effective solution.


The EHR software vendor offers a complete medical practice optimization solution, which includes a certified EHR, a patient portal, scheduling, electronic eligibility verification, electronic prescribing, and mobile access capabilities for the medical practice. It also provides sophisticated, efficient claims processing, denial tracking, and revenue management for the billing professional.

Magnitude delivered a cloud-based ODBC Simba driver to enable the EHR software vendor to offer its customers the ability to access, analyze and report on their stored data using the standards-based BI and analytics tool of their choice.


The Magnitude team quickly delivered the Proof of Concept (PoC) ODBC data connector and it proved to out-perform the EHR software vendor’s existing custom ODBC driver based on its benchmark tests – returning a 45% improvement in run-time performance.

In addition to the flexible licensing model that delivers a cost-effective and predictable solution, the Simba data connector supports multiple client and server platforms and adheres to the strictest encryption and security requirements – which were key factors for the customer.

The Magnitude team understood the complexities of the healthcare industry and were highly responsive in delivering engineering-level support. They made it seamless for us to add custom ODBC connectivity so our users can have real-time data access, with a licensing model that’s flexible and completely transparent.

Director of Product Development

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