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Global Provider of Enterprise Analytics

Increased product quality with shorter time to market: Simba Integration & Testing Services

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A global provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software turned to Magnitude and its Simba solutions to dramatically increase testing efficiencies and accuracy, ensuring the Company’s customers can easily access the data required to support their intelligent enterprise strategies.

With a focus on enabling the intelligent enterprise, this global provider of leading analytics and mobility solutions sought to deliver to customers a product built on continual improvement.


Customers use the Company’s platform to arm their entire organizations with information to execute on strategy as effectively as possible. To set the foundation for continual improvement— in code, customer experience, and delivery to market—they sought a solution that would:

  • Enable faster and more integrated development cycles
  • Improve end-user customer experiences
  • Enhance product quality including reducing friction of integrating Simba data connector technology with Company products
  • Minimize the need for data-source-specific infrastructure and expertise
  • Increase efficiencies


The Company turned to Magnitude to expand an existing partnership from a focus on Simba data access solutions (drivers) to include integration of connectivity testing services into the Company’s existing development cycle. This integrated and collaborative approach enhances the customer experience and dramatically reduces time to market while effectively, efficiently, and consistently testing the Company’s software with Simba data connectors licensed from Magnitude.

A direct route to improving product quality, Magnitude Simba Integration & Testing Services flex to the needs of the situation: any infrastructure, any test routine, any frequency.

In the initial project, more than 100 test cases were automated, and tests were performed with drivers from Apache Cassandra, Drill, Hive, and SparkSQL to Google BigQuery, Impala, Eloqua, Marketo, ServiceNow, Concur, Shopify, Square, and more.


Faster, more integrated development cycles, reducing time to market

  • Reduced by nearly seven (7) hours the testing time for the Company’s product on Web-Linux (WS), Desktop-Windows, Workstation-Windows, and Workstation-Mac with six (6) Big Data drivers and eight (8) SaaS drivers.

Enhanced product quality and increased efficiencies

  • The 100+ test cases the Magnitude team automated will continue to save time and money while allowing an increased test cadence that enables the development team to consistently deliver better code.

Improved end-user customer experiences

  • A higher-quality product results in fewer support cases and enhanced customer experiences.

Additional Benefits

  • No need for Company expertise on a multitude of expanding data sources.
  • Access to test data for insight-driven product decisions.

The entire testing process fits into the Company’s existing quality assurance cycle without service disruptions on the Company’s platform.

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