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Emplifi Uses Self-Service and Customizable Analytics for Deeper Customer Experience Insights

Customer experience platform provider delivers embedded analytics with Logi Symphony

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  • Grew customer adoption 25% within the first 30 days
  • Connected to their data straight out of the box
  • Seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure and security framework
  • Customized self-service to reach a wide range of users and skill levels
  • Embedded sophisticated dashboards in the “emplifi VoC” application

Emplifi has built its reputation on simplifying the complexity of customer engagement with their artificial intelligence (AI)-driven products. The company’s homegrown analytics solution for their emplifi VoC—Voice of the Customer—product showed signs of aging when it couldn’t meet customer requirements for customization and self-service. The emplifi team knew it was time for a new approach. 

Signs of an Outdated Analytics Solution

The homegrown analytics solution for emplifi VoC served the company well for several years. But they couldn’t meet their customers’ growing demands to interact with their data because of a lack of customization. The emplifi team saw signs their application could no longer serve their internal end users or their customers. 

  • Their customers wanted better access to their survey data.
  • The existing solution wasn’t customizable to match the skill sets of their end users.
  • Customers could only see the reports that were provided to them.
  • Custom ad hoc requests increased, tying up significant IT resources.
  • They couldn’t compete with the updated analytics capabilities their competitors offered

Emplifi’s existing in-house solution had become difficult to maintain, customize, and scale while balancing the influx of custom report requests from their end users. They needed a modern approach to analytics and reporting that proved to be both user friendly and customizable.

A User-Friendly, Customizable Approach

Julien Baron, emplifi’s Software Development Lead, stated, “The main reason we picked Logi Symphony is because it’s user friendly and easily connects to the data. We can build our own dashboards and adapt the solution to each of our customers, which was something we really needed and insightsoftware could provide.”

“Now we’re able to provide our customers with an improved, more detailed reporting approach. They can build their own dashboards and visualizations, get better access to their data, and gain more detailed insights than they had before,” he added. While Logi Symphony offers an out-of-the-box, plug-and-play experience, the emplifi team chose to customize its self-service capabilities for their customers. “The goal of bringing in Logi Symphony was to customize it for our data analysts to focus on the deeper, more technical demands they have for their data. But we can also customize it for our customers according to their own needs for data and reporting,” said Baron.

The emplifi team can also easily maintain their applications’ analytics while efficiently scaling to support the growth of their users.

A Modern Solution With Secure Integration

Moving from an in-house analytics application to an embedded analytics solution has made a big difference for the emplifi team. Overall, they’ve achieved the following advantages:

  • Improved the CX platform experience
  • Reduced IT overhead
  • Modernized their analytics capabilities
  • Embedded analytics in application workflows
  • Kept their solution competitive in the market

Baron said, “Replacing our outdated legacy analytics system with Logi Symphony was a huge technical leap for us. Modernizing our application with Logi Symphony was like going from a 1990s configuration to a 2021 solution.”

“Logi Symphony integrated easily and seamlessly into our existing environment and security framework, hiding the complexity of our own business and emplifi VoC from our customers. They can just focus on using their analytics to create dashboards and visuals in a dynamic way,” added Baron.

Nathan Webb, Product Owner, VoC, at emplifi, stated, “The Logi team helped us redesign our data sources using a modern approach to easily and efficiently leverage their analytics capabilities. That work was a win-win because both our user teams and our application team leverage it.”

Baron’s team set up their own testing environment and engaged the experience of the Embedded Analytics team along the way. He said, “We have strong business rules that we wanted to include, so we went deeper into the integration. The Logi team helped us apply our own logic with their solution.” Webb shared, “[The Logi team] has also been very responsive and helpful in connecting us to the resources and people we need to guide us.”

A Real Value for Their Customers

“Emplifi VoC collects all kinds of survey and customer data on feedback about a particular brand. By adding Logi Symphony, we’re giving our end users an intuitive way to create reports and view all of their survey data, especially for key performance indicators (KPIs) and net promoter scores (NPS),” Webb explained.

With Logi Symphony, emplifi has unlocked more value from their data. Because of the data that emplifi VoC customers collect, the company has made the new analytics capabilities available to all customers at no additional charge. They find it’s worth it for the initial positive reviews they’ve had from their customers.

“We’ve seen two major themes from our customers’ feedback. First, they really like the new analytics capabilities and want to use more of them. Second, they get a customized template for their KPIs or NPS with the option to expand the filters for their VoC use case,” Webb added. And, within just the first month of releasing the new analytics capabilities, their application adoption rate increased 25 percent.

Emplifi prides itself in its average monthly user retention rate of 90 percent for their VoC product. During that same time, the team saw an increase in the average user retention rate of 5 percent, bringing the overall application retention rate to 95 percent. Webb stated, “That increase is good, though it’s just a fraction of our total users so far.”

While still in the early stages of rolling out Logi Symphony, the emplifi team sees these preliminary results as a leap in the right direction for meeting their customers’ analytics needs, now and into the future.

About emplifi

Emplifi is the leading unified CX platform that brings marketing, care and commerce together to help businesses close the customer experience gap. More than 7,000 brands, such as Delta Air Lines, Ford Motor Company, and McDonalds, rely on emplifi to provide their customers with outstanding experiences at every touchpoint. For more information, visit emplifi.io.

Logi Symphony integrated easily and seamlessly into our existing environment and security framework, hiding the complexity of our own business and emplifi VoC™ from our customers. They can just focus on using their analytics to create dashboards and visuals in a dynamic way.

Julien Baron Software Development Lead, emplifi

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