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CyberMaxx Helps Customers Prevent Costly Breaches with Embedded Analytics

Cybersecurity managed services provider equips their security team and customers with threat visibility and actionable data insights

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Critical security data to protect against malicious activity

Cybersecurity is crucial for companies that need to protect their data privacy, information security, and daily operations. Despite companies having data security measures in place, cyber criminals have increased their attempts to steal information and sabotage or damage operations. To stay ahead of these threats and avoid costly breaches, companies trust CyberMaxx to handle their cybersecurity expertise and technology.

CyberMaxx provides cybersecurity operations services that help these companies prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks and has been doing so for over 15 years. CyberMaxx generates vast amounts of data, including the source and type of attack, the number of attacks from month to month, and how the attack was contained. Their customers rely and report on this information to monitor their cybersecurity efforts and maintain industry compliance.

For example, for CyberMaxx’s many healthcare customers, having these capabilities within their security layer is critical for HIPAA compliance and proof of HITRUST. With all this data, CyberMaxx’s application lacked an engaging way to present it to their customers. Jason Riddle, the Chief Operations Officer of CyberMaxx, stated, “We were sitting on a treasure trove of cybersecurity data focused on the healthcare industry but didn’t have a way to unlock  it. By having that capability, our customers could gain greater visualization, insights, and value from that data.”

Powerful visualizations to bring data to life

CyberMaxx needed to bring their data into a dashboard that could tell their customers an intuitive story. They were looking to go beyond  standard pie charts and bar graphs. Along with their healthcare customer advisory board, CyberMaxx defined their criteria to deliver a simple, yet powerful user experience.

At the top of their list, CyberMaxx wanted a solution that could provide various filters and visual reporting options for customers to actively engage with their data. By having more detailed reporting capabilities, their customers could thoroughly document their compliance with HIPAA or proof of HITRUST. Healthcare customers could also perform benchmarking to compare their own cybersecurity measures with companies in the industry of a similar size. Given this level of added value, CyberMaxx could increase customer adoption, usage, and
retention rates.

CyberMaxx wanted to give their customers strong visualizations so they could interact more with their data. For example, hospitals, which are frequently targeted by ransomware attacks, could gain greater insights into an attack, identify the threat actor, and
efficiently respond to it. On the back end, CyberMaxx was looking for a seamless embedded experience. Their Chief
Executive Officer Thomas Lewis added, “We wanted a platform that would integrate easily with ours and our technology stack. So, we had to find a vendor that had the right mix of providing a cost-effective solution and a high-degree of confidence in their ability to deliver on what they promised.”

Embedded analytics expertise to elevate user experience

CyberMaxx had the cybersecurity know-how, but they didn’t have data analytics expertise. They needed a partner that could unlock their data,
generating greater insights for their end users. For CyberMaxx, no other embedded analytics provider could compare to Logi Analytics. Lewis
said, “From the sales process, to the proof of concept, to the cloud application integration, Logi Analytics instilled the level of confidence we were looking for in an analytics provider.”

He continued, “We wanted to find a partner, not necessarily a vendor, that could provide the expertise that we didn’t have. We’re cybersecurity
experts; we’re not data scientists. Working with a group that could help us visualize the data in the easiest and most impactful way was important to us. And we wanted a partner that was one of the  leading providers so we could be confident that we were getting the best of breed in an innovative embedded analytics platform.”

“Logi Analytics had the resources and expertise we needed. We felt like their partner through the entire process, and not just another client. This experience helped set our expectations for how it would be to work with them as a customer. It was a good fit for us,” Riddle added.

Another big selling point was Logi Analytics professional services to help with the implementation. Riddle said, “We had a vague idea of the requirements for our analytics solution. They had an unending amount of patience in helping us shape it into a clear solution that we could be proud of.” CyberMaxx relied on the professional services team’s expertise to help determine the right visualization for the right data set.
Riddle said that, on several occasions, they provided suggestions based on tried and true practices that worked better than CyberMaxx could have imagined.

The professional services team suggested ways CyberMaxx could generate greater engagement with their customers. Riddle explains, “For example, if a customer doesn’t use a particular service, we can hide the chart. Or to take it a step further, we can show a message indicating that no data is available for the visualization and they can contact us if they’d like to add it. It turns into an opportunity to provide customers more value and more engagement with our team.”

Data and dashboards to power the cybersecurity application

With the Logi Symphony suite of services, CyberMaxx can now embed powerful data analytics, reporting, and visualization capabilities into their MAXX Data Defense Systems suite of managed services. CyberMaxx was able to customize the dashboards to match their own branding, creating a cohesive experience for their end users. In doing so, they equip their security team and customers with the threat visibility and actionable data insights that are the dierence between partner safety and business disruption.

By using the Logi Symphony suite of solutions, CyberMaxx can leverage their existing technology stack to connect to any data source and provide customized analytics in their application. They can also use it for their own internal-facing dashboards so their team can identify data insights for operating effectiveness. Now CyberMaxx can embed pixel-perfect reports, with nested tables and visualizations, logically formatted with smart pagination. By going with Logi Analytics, Riddle says “Our cybersecurity application now has the ‘sizzle’ we wanted. The dynamic visualizations, the look and feel, and intuitive
navigability make it so easy to use that our customers don’t even need a training program to figure out how to use it.”

With the added value of the Logi Analytics platform, CyberMaxx customers can now benchmark their cybersecurity operations to do deeper analysis and visualization of the various categories.

CyberMaxx plans to roll out their new analytics solution in early November. Riddle says, “Anytime you launch something new, you expect to see an initial spike. We’re hoping for a higher level of sustained utilization than we’ve ever seen before. Initial feedback has been very positive so far.”

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Our cybersecurity application now has the ‘sizzle’ we wanted. The dynamic visualizations, the look and feel, and intuitive navigability make it so easy to use that our customers don’t even need a training program to figure out how to use it.

Jason Riddle COO

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