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Cloud Data Source Provider

This cloud data source provider fully relies on Magnitude’s development expertise and data connector testing

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In just a few short years, this cloud data source provider evolved from a startup to the Forbes Cloud 100, a list that recognizes the best private cloud companies in the world. Today, the Company provides service to thousands of customers and continues its rapid growth.


The data source provider was interested in licensing Magnitude Simba SDK to build data connectors in-house for connecting ODBC-based client applications to a cloud data platform, which powers connectivity to applications like MicroStrategy, Qlik, Power BI, and Alteryx. The partnership between the cloud data source provider and Magnitude began in 2014.


From SDK to maintenance and testing, the Magnitude partnership matured to a broader development relationship in early 2019. A managed services model was introduced, whereby Magnitude assumed maintenance and testing responsibilities for the OEM partner’s ODBC driver. This enabled the partner to focus more on their core database product and take advantage of Magnitude’s data connectivity testing expertise.

That expertise is helping the partner enhance their customers’ experience by effectively and efficiently boosting code quality. It includes:

  • Application of decades of ODBC test case development and testing experience
  • A modern and complete testing environment
  • Seamless integration with the OEM’s existing engineering processes
  • On-boarding the driver into Microsoft’s Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), a set of robust practices Magnitude adheres to that supports security assurance and compliance requirements


As their business has grown, the stakeholders within the partner company came to fully rely on Magnitude’s development expertise and data connector testing. With the expanded collaboration, this leading cloud data source provider can focus more on their data platform development needs and less on connectivity.

Magnitude has long-standing relationships with many leading data source vendors, helping them develop custom drivers and augmenting their technical staff.

With the Magnitude team of experts known for innovation, collaboration, and a Managed Services delivery approach based on trust, customers get to market more cost-effectively, achieve faster and more integrated development cycles, and improve product quality leading to fewer support cases.

Cloud Data Source Provider Expands Magnitude Partnership: Managed Services for Driver Co-Development, Maintenance, and Testing. Enables Partner to Focus Development Resources on Core Product.

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