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Growth and Achievement for insightsoftware’s Embedded Analytics

insightsoftware -
January 3, 2023

insightsoftware is a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, empowering organizations to unlock business data and transform the way finance and data teams operate.

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2022 was a big year for embedded analytics at insightsoftware, bringing significant enhancements to our best-of-breed solutions. Learn more about what is embedded analytics?

We saw significant growth in our loyal customer base, who inspired us every day with innovative new ways to use our technology. This was bolstered by insightsoftware’s acquisition of Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., adding deeper functionality that has strengthened Logi’s self-service data analytics and visualizations.

Our success in strengthening Logi products was reflected in the annual BARC BI & Analytics Survey, where Logi received four top rankings and 16 leading positions across four different peer groups. We are humbled that the BI and analytics community ranked Logi among the industry’s best embedded analytics solutions.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of our highlights this year.

2022 Releases

Logi Report 19.0 Release Tier 3

This release saw the addition of an on-screen filter push down option and support for sharing datasets in business view-based page and web reports. Platform upgrades included enhanced export capabilities, support for PDF title and subject properties, and configurable export file extension. Rest API endpoints included support scheduling, bursting, and retrieving task information, extended support JSON and XML Data source through REST endpoint. Operational reporting capabilities included table of content enhancements, and support data container links on the web report.

Logi Composer 7 Release

Composer 7 brought with it a wide range of enhancements for system administrators, content authors, and information consumers. Enhanced development and deployment capabilities included Windows server support and support for Amazon Linux 2. Enhanced data authoring capabilities included redesigned data authoring flows and fewer steps to create a source. Enhanced data connectivity and security support included a SparksSQL connector for AWS Databricks, Custom SQL for BigQuery, and AWS authentication for Elasticsearch. Content creation and management included nested filter support and additional features. Administration enhancements included user auditing enhancements.

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Logi Report 19.1 Release Tier 3

This release included productivity features for both developers and end users along with enhancements that make it easier for users to consume and interact with their reports. User experience improvements included a customizable default user profile, custom formatting on the table of contents page, links from charts using current values as filters, and other ease-of-use enhancements. Dynamic pixel-perfect reporting included more control over Excel exports and crosstabs, and more flexible file names for report bursting. Ad hoc capability enhancements brought improved performance by sharing datasets in ad hoc web reports and tying savings with Bookmarks.

Logi Report 19.2 Release Tier 3

This release included productivity features for both developers and end users along with enhancements that make it easier for users to consume and interact with their reports. Platform and embedding capability enhancements included SLF4J support, rest API enhancements, and organizational-level report share management. User experience improvements included dynamic page sizing for different export formats, rich text support, enhanced dynamic linked reports, and dynamic contents and formats controlled by the grouping and sorting formula. Ad hoc pixel-perfect reporting enhancements included a template editor in the Page Report Studio and more pop-up control.

In-person Events

We couldn’t be happier to be back to in-person events this past year filled with networking, learning, and fun! We were especially grateful to be back at ProductCon at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York in November, where Insightsoftware was a proud sponsor of the largest conference for product management conference in the world.

We Added Dundas!

We’ve made several acquisitions in the embedded analytics family recently, including Izenda and Exago. This year we acquired Dundas Data Visualization, a leading, global provider of business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data visualization solutions. Dundas provides organizations with the most customizable, innovative, and scalable BI, dashboard, and reporting software, through a fully embeddable BI platform, enabling users access to all their data for better decisions and faster insights.

Dundas adds incredible value to our Logi solutions, like:

  • Deeper embedded analytics capabilities. Dundas BI platform will enhance our Logi products, notably expanding our ability to address additional customer use cases. It also adds a strong extract, transform, and load (ETL) engine and pixel-perfect reporting.
  • Expanded support team. Dundas team members come fully equipped with the experience needed to hit the ground running and give valuable support to Logi customers from day one.

What’s Next For 2023

We have a lot in store for 2023 including the launch of our Embedded Analytics Customer Advisory Board. This is an opportunity for clients to drive the strategic roadmap for our embedded analytics product solutions with feedback and expertise from users. It is a chance for our customers to have their voices heard and be the champions of positive development for other customers. Stay tuned!

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