The 10 Best BI Products of 2022 – Reviews and Features

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February 4, 2022

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Business intelligence (BI) products are growing evermore numerous as data-driven business culture takes hold. Analysts at Markets and Markets predict that the global business intelligence market will grow to 44% above its 2020 value in the next four years, and peak at $33.3 billion by 2025. This upsurge of product use in BI makes it easy for businesses of all sizes and verticals to retrieve, analyze, and display data to share insights.

Sifting through countless BI products can be a real challenge, especially when they all look so similar on the surface. But not all BI products are created equal! There are many different types with particular strengths and intended use cases. We’ve rounded up our top picks across ten different categories to help you find the right fit for your business.

Best Embedded BI Platform: Logi Analytics

What makes Logi Analytics one of the best embedded BI platforms of 2022?

Logi is a developer-grade embedded analytics solution that empowers software teams to drive value through data. Logi leverages a company’s existing tech stack, so application teams can quickly build, manage, and deploy analytics within their application. And because Logi supports unlimited customization, embedded analytics content can look and feel native to the parent application. Software teams get smooth integration, and rapid deployment while end users enjoy advanced reporting and dashboarding functionality that’s tailored to their individual needs. A leader in embedded analytics for 21 years, Logi has mastered decreasing both speed-to-market and development costs for their customers.

Key Features

  • 100% web-based embedding and white labeling
  • Self-service functionality for both technical and non-technical users
  • Enterprise reporting — canned, self-service, and ad hoc
  • Unlimited support and assisted implementation
  • Seamlessly connects to multiple types of data
  • Utilizes existing data and security infrastructure for easy deployment

2. Best BI Product for Journalistic Data Visualization: Datawrapper

What makes Datawrapper one of the best journalistic data visualization products of 2022?

Datawrapper’s charting application makes it easy for journalists and newsroom staff to create production-ready, charts, maps, and tables for use both in print and on the web.The step-by-step tool guides users through the process of loading and checking data for accuracy. This is done before selecting visualization options, and applying styles. Output can be checked for visual accessibility and exported as fully responsive PNGs or PDFs.

Key Features

  • No-code data visualization
  • Responsive charts, maps, and tables
  • Full range of customizations in styling
  • Live chart data updating
  • Embed or download responsive output

3. Best SaaS BI Product: Klipfolio

What makes Klipfolio one of the best SaaS BI products of 2022?

With Klipfolio’s SaaS model, customers can create custom dashboards and reports without the implementation and cost overhead of traditional BI. Klips, their flagship product, comes with hundreds of integrations that are native to sales CRMs. These include automation platforms for marketing, services for social media, and other apps for business. Customers can easily build and customize their dashboards with no coding required. They can also share them with colleagues and clients.

Key Features

  • Real-time dashboards
  • SaaS deployment and pricing
  • 300+ native integrations
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Reporting with WYSIWYG design for high customization

4. Best SaaS BI Product for Data Science: Anaconda

What makes Anaconda one of the best SaaS BI products for Data Science of 2022?

As a service that bills itself as “data science built by data scientists,” Anaconda puts its money where its mouth is. It has launched a package manager, Conda, that sees heavy use in an open-source deployment. Anaconda is strong in its building of algorithms. It’s a training-ground for Python developers, especially those who work in Jupyter Notebook. Because the bones are open-source, Anaconda can take advantage of a huge range of mods and adaptations. While experienced developers will find a lot to love with Anaconda, their paid enterprise tiers have a wide range of support options.

Key Features

  • Open-source code based on Python
  • A tiered approach to pricing; includes free version at the individual level
  • Paid tiers include curated resources
  • 7,500 Anaconda-built packages for data science/machine learning
  • Access to library full of supplements and additions

5. Best Location Intelligence BI: Carto

What makes Carto one of the best Location Intelligence BI products of 2022?

Through the use of spatial data science, Carto goes beyond telling you where things are. It also tells you why those things are there. Through the usage of ML, AI, and other technologies, Carto brings location data to the center of the BI experience. The sources and varieties of data related to location are numerous and wide-ranging. Machine learning is key to turning that raw data into purposeful points on a map. If your business relies on knowing where things are, Carto is a good solution.

Key Features

  • Active support of real-time data streams is mission-critical for intelligence by location
  • Spatial models for data of all kinds, not just location
  • Dashboards that are flexible
  • Wide range of interactions

6. Best Free and Open-Source BI Product: BIRT

What makes BIRT one of the best Free and Open-Source BI products of 2022?

More than a few BI providers lean on open-source data and tools, however, BIRT (or, technically, Eclipse BIRT, since those letters stand for Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is the only open-source solution that is complete. It is likely that most any product on this list applies to BIRT. BIRT is just one offering from the Eclipse Foundation. There is an entire community of professionals that are like-minded in their dedication to a thriving open-source ecosystem. This ecosystem translates into a hugely diverse array of uses, capabilities, and deployments. If you have a need, chances are somebody else had it first.

Key Features

  • Lots of free support options
  • Many options (expandability) for users that can be customized for those that are highly technical
  • Historical builds that are 100% well documented
  • Large community of friendly users

7. Best BI Product for Data Discovery: Outlier

What makes Outlier one of the best BI products for Data Discovery of 2022?

Data discovery is all about finding opportunities for improvements. It aids in remedying challenges and removing threats. The goal is always one of smooth operations. Outlier is aptly named for its help in that area of BI. This BI product is razor-focused on deriving seemingly invisible insights. This is done through the analysis of a business’ key data points. Users benefit from the data being that much more visible and therefore actionable. Outlier can slice and dice data to showcase to users “important and unexpected happenings.”

Key Features

  • Steady, automated mining of data, followed by deep dives into it
  • Daily reminders that alert to updates to the data
  • Focus on relationships between data sets and root-cause analyses
  • Data analysis based on a story-type model

8. Best BI Product for Mapping: Mapbox

What makes Mapbox one of the best BI products for Mapping of 2022?

Mapbox has a network of 500 million+ monthly active users that is organized and efficient. Mapbox brings maps to APIs, SDKs, and dashboards for lots of industries and apps. The visualizations are made possible thanks to maps. These make sure that the location-specific data is more accessible to more users. Mapbox has created an entire suite of products and applications. For example, Mapbox Movement is a movement-tracking data source with the privacy of data at the forefront.

Key Features

  • Map info at global level
  • Covering all things that center around the map, including traffic and movement
  • Powerful and flexible apps specific to BI dashboards
  • Massive network of sources and users
  • Highly competitive and multi-tiered pricing for an array of product types

9. Best BI Product for Mobile: Zoho Analytics App

What makes Zoho Analytics App one of the best BI products for mobile of 2022?

Is mobile access important to the operations of your business? If yes, then the Zoho Analytics App is a natural fit for your dashboard. They offer a wide variety of BI data insights that are fine-tuned to specific industries. Zoho provides charts, pivot tables, and KPI widgets. Also, summary views and dashboards. Zoho lets users interact with their data, via desktop support that is robust. Mobile BI is not the only way. Users can choose desktop or mobile. Both are important at different times.

Key Features

  • Available on all major mobile platforms, i.e., through app stores and verifiable channels
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to share reports and dashboards for maximum flexibility
  • CRM that offers a full range of features and functionality
  • Large user base with plenty of support

10. Best BI Product for Decision Intelligence: Tellius

What makes Tellus one of the best BI products for decision intelligence of 2022?

Decision intelligence is the next logical step for data science. It combines the power of raw data with techniques sourced from other disciplines, i.e., decision theory, social science, and managerial science. Tellius uses natural language interactions. This makes it easy to understand what drives behaviors in business. They also allow for a high degree of interaction with every aspect of BI and the decisions that stem from it. If decision intelligence is the nexus of data science and action items, then Tellius is a great way to access both.

Key Features

  • Focus on speed with AI-powered insights
  • Many reports that also include ad hoc options
  • Humans remain in the loop for fine-tuning
  • A leader in the growing augmented field of analytics