Excel4apps Planning Wand

Create, modify, and upload new plans faster and more frequently

Planning Wand is an add-in to Microsoft Excel that allows for the validation and uploading of planning data from Excel into SAP. Create, modify, and upload new plans, faster and more frequently. Planning Wand, used with GL Wand, transforms Excel into the front end for SAP planning functionality. With these tools, companies elevate Excel to easily achieve monthly forecasting instead of yearly planning only.

SAP Planning Wand

Bring Your Excel Planning Models to Life with Powerful Functionality and Easy-To-Use Features

Planning Wand enables the validation and upload of budget planning and forecasting data from Excel to SAP, reducing the frustrations of users and management. Elevate your planning and forecasting with powerful functionality and easy-to-use features.

Faster: improve business efficiency

Flexible workbook construction

Build new or modify pre-existing Excel planning workbooks to suit your preferred budgeting methodology.

Smarter with Powerful drilldowns capabilities

Pre-integrated functions

Functionality that supports Cost Planning, New GL Planning, Activity Planning, PCA Planning, and SKF Planning.

Easier: Simplify the complexity of your ERP

Experience easy-to-use wizards

Users have the ease of an Excel front end to access SAP T-Code reports or SAP Queries (SQ01) already existing in SAP.

We simply make your work easier. Meet some of our customers:

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Our customers use Planning Wand for:

Cost Planning

Revenue Planning

Rolling Forecast

Driver-based Planning

Bottom-up / Top-down Planning

Zero-based Budgeting

Trending / incremental Planning

Automated Template Distribution


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