Are You Having Issues Effectively Managing Planning and Forecasting in SAP?

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Your Team Depends on Excel to Create and Manage Planning Models

Deadlines get pushed, critical decisions get delayed, and working late becomes the norm when month-end close, ad hoc analysis, and reconciling become increasingly challenging tasks.

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Manual Process for Maintaining Planning Models is Inefficient

Manually exporting, formatting, and consolidating data is not only an inefficient use of your finance team’s time, it poses a risk to data integrity.

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You Don’t Know if Your Budgets are Accurate and Up-to-Date with SAP Data

It’s hard to produce accurate financial statements when you don’t have the technical skills to make last-minute changes or modify a report and when you can’t be sure the data remain unchanged.

Validate and Upload Budget Planning and Forecasting Data from Excel to SAP

Bring Your Excel Planning Models to Life

Create, modify, and upload new plans quickly with Planning Wand, an Excel add-in that allows for the validation and uploading of planning data from Excel into SAP. Take advantage of familiar Excel to easily achieve monthly forecasting instead of only yearly planning.

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Integrated, Easy-to-Use Features

Build new or modify pre-existing Excel planning workbooks to suit your preferred budgeting methodology. Planning Wand includes pre-integrated functions that support cost planning, new GL planning, activity planning, PCA planning, and SKF planning.

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Maximize Existing Investments in SAP and Excel

Real-time Excel models avoid the constraints of manual, time-consuming processes and empower companies to update plans and produce new forecasts quickly and easily. Planning Wand, used with GL Wand, transforms Excel into the front-end for SAP planning functionality.

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Better Budgeting

Budgeting for Better Business Outcomes

Whether the fiscal planning process is an exciting time for you, or the idea of your next budgeting exercise leaves you cringing with the anxiety of chaos and long nights – this whitepaper will introduce you to the common budgeting approaches and challenges, while introducing ways to overcome them.


  • The structure of a functioning budget process
  • The current state of the budgeting process for most small-to-medium sized businesses
  • The risks in the most common approaches to budgeting and how to overcome them

And more!

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