Wands for Oracle Reports

See your Oracle reports based on E-Business Suite data through the eyes of Excel

Oracle reports made easy. Imagine your real-time Oracle data securely available and in Excel. Wands for Oracle allows real-time financial and operational reporting across all Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) modules, as well as the ability to upload General Ledger journals and budgets, all directly from Microsoft Excel. Using Excel-based solutions, easily obtain, analyze, share, and present essential information when and how you need it. We help you get more out of the platforms you already own: Microsoft Excel and Oracle. 

Oracle reporting tools
Oracle to excel

Oracle reports for your acceleration

Frustrated by your existing manual or IT-dependent tools? Our Excel-based solutions are practical and user-friendly alternatives to the standard ERP tools that keep you at the office late with the export-reformat-repeat approach. Integrate Oracle EBS directly with Excel for real-time data retrieval and seamless data uploads for increased efficiency and Oracle reports in an instant.

Faster: improve business efficiency

GL Wand for Oracle EBS

Accurate and fast reports from Oracle EBS are critical to the bottom line in any dynamic organization. Closing month-end, performing ad hoc analysis, reconciling, and other reports are increasingly difficult tasks.  

With GL Wand, it’s easy to obtain, analyze, share, and present essential information when and how you need it.

Smarter with Powerful drilldowns capabilities

Reports Wand for Oracle EBS

Continually navigating between Oracle and Excel is exhausting. You want to build your reports without the manual, time-consuming processes it takes to make reports presentable to stakeholders and decision makers.

Reports Wand creates an environment that efficiently provides the right information to the right people in the correct format.

Faster: improve business efficiency

Journal Wand for Oracle EBS

Finance teams currently rely on cumbersome, error-prone tools for loading large batches of journal entries to the Oracle EBS General Ledger.  

Journal Wand allows you to create and edit custom templates, populate them with journal data, validate the data, and upload the journals into Oracle EBS.

Smarter with Powerful drilldowns capabilities

Budget Wand for Oracle EBS

Budgets and forecasts are an important part of your business and planning process. Yet, companies often rely on manual processes for getting the information into Oracle. 

Budget Wand is used for importing budget values or journals through the Oracle budget-loading and allows for faster creation and uploading of budgets.

A 360° Financial Solution

Report & Analyze
Budget & Forecast
Upload & Post
Report and analyze

Excel-based financial and subledger reporting solutions give you real-time data refreshes with ad hoc inquiry and drill-downs to the journal, balance, and subledger details so you can spend your time analyzing the data, not exporting and formatting it.

Budget tool wands

Excel-based reporting and budget-loading solutions let you create, load, and analyze budgets better and faster. Mass create and distribute budget models, create rolling forecasts, and develop cost allocation models and dynamic dashboards so you can easily meet essential financial budgeting and forecasting requirements.

SAP GL Wand - Project Report

Eliminate cumbersome, error-prone processes for uploading budget plans or large batches of journals into your ERP system. Enjoy a 360° month-end close process and expedited planning and budgeting cycles.


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