Are You Having Difficulty Loading Large Batches of Journal Entries to the Oracle Suite General Ledger?

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Manual Processes are Consuming Resources

Without the right tools in place, your finance team is spending more time on manual data consolidation and validating than planning for the month or year.

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You Don’t Have Full Visibility of Your Data

Without the ability to automatically import journals from Excel to ERP, you’re storing data in different places, as different versions, and with different formats.

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You’re at High Risk for Financial Data Errors

When you’re dealing with duplicate data entry and constantly triple checking for errors, it’s hard to feel confident in the financials you produce.

Elevate Excel to Achieve Accurate Monthly Forecasting and Yearly Planning with Ease

Start-To-Finish Excel Process for Journal Uploads

With Journal Wand, finance users can process journals and load multiple attachments all from within Excel with minimal effort and setup. Quickly create and edit custom templates, populate them with journal data, validate the data, and upload the journals into Oracle EBS.

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Create Custom GL Journal Templates Without IT

Journal Wand lets you create and edit customized GL journal upload templates with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. You can save time by cloning existing journals, collecting journal templates in a central repository, and distributing them with the Report Distribution Manager.

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Cell-Specific Error Messaging

Troubleshoot errors before loading large batches of journal entries with detailed, cell-based error messaging. Journal Wand can help you save valuable time and ensure the numbers you are reporting are always accurate with real-time monitoring of journal postings.

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5 Excel Shortcuts

Top 5 Excel Tips & Tricks Every Finance Manager Should Know

If you’ve worked in finance long enough, you know that Excel is your LIFE.

At insightsoftware, we love Excel! Over the years, we’ve spoken to a number of finance professionals, and one thing we’ve learned is that there is always more to learn when it comes to Excel!

Whether you know enough to get by, or you consider yourself an expert, these tips & tricks are sure to help you step up your Excel game.

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“The nature of our business is such that we need to be flexible. GL Wand
allows us to operate as we need, rather than being forced to fit into a specific
reporting structure.”

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