Jet Reports - Report Designer Training (Online)

Price: $1,595 per Company (Ideal for up to 5 students per company)

Learn how to build reports using several methods and tools in the Jet Excel Add-In. Topics range from basic to advanced content over the course of 9 hours of online training. These hands-on sessions are broken into 3 modules, with each module taught in 1 and 2-hour sessions live with an instructor.

· Module 1 – Fast Financials (1 hour for finance department designers)

· Module 2 – Next Steps: Quick Start (2 hours for report designers from all departments)

· Module 3 – Advanced Report Writing (6 hours for report designers from all departments)

We will also review research techniques to improve report writing and best practices to help you build valuable reports. Report exercises and examples include financial, sales, and purchasing reports. The online class is more fast-paced than the in-person training and is ideal for up to 5 report designers.

Digital reference guides are provided to students at the completion of every module.

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